Luisi Myhyv Nua (~??? anos) em Interviu () Nesta cena, Luisi Myhyv tinha ~ ??? anos. Pics. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Clips. * A idade da celebridade durante. Luisi Myhyv nua e vídeos sexy! Descubra mais fotos nuas, vídeos e fitas de sexo da Luisi Myhyv no maior catálogo online Luisi Myhyv Nua em Interviu. Interviu cu violonistul Mircea Dumitrescu Brahms Violinkoncert – Leonidas Kavakos – DRSO – Fabio Luisi – Duration: mugge62 51,

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Then there are the Italian conductors, because I must not forget that I am Italian. It is difficult to identify an exact moment, but there are two factors in my life which I can see as pivotal. But during the concert I need to create something different, something has to explode.

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He is the complete opposite. The Festival bet on me, when I was nothing. For example, I was in Carnegie Hall for a concert conducted by Valery Giergiev and I witnessed a great conductor, going beyond the mechanics of conducting, it was the luis.

Luisi: “Pipi no me provocó ningún trauma; es más, me dejó muy contenta”

It is important to say this: The audiences pays and expects emotions, not just a cold performance. I am not very tolerant. But at the end of the symphony I knew I could do it, because the soprano was crying. I mean the right passion — which is not the same as making big gestures, but is a passion for the job itself, a complete devotion to the job, to what you are doing.

When I was young, I was always the leader of the group. Another element is magic; the best conductors in the world are the ones who succeed in creating magic during a performance. Of course, there is also Verdi and Puccini. It is very difficult to sing, and not a lot of people can sing this repertoire, but his way of treating the vocal material is perfect, like Puccini I would say, both sound so natural, which is not always the case in bel canto.


Interview: Sesto Quatrini On His Conducting Style & Career Ambitions

We need to explain that a conductor is a normal person who likes football, cars, went to the disco and swimming in the sea. Alberto Tirola and Fabio Luisi brought me here. We need to take more risks. Then there is Abbado, especially in his last 15 years of his life, after his battle with cancer.

There are many different elements involved. Of course, there are two or three numbers that are not in the same class, and the recitatives are not as good as those of Mercadante or Mayr, which have a higher level of musicality and sense of theatre.

Fabio Luisi, of course, is my mentor, he is more than a guru. It is a good place for me to start my career.

In some works the conductor sometimes needs to cut the sonority, changing it from forte to mezzo forte to help the voice, but Vaccai did most of this, so the job is already done. We are not talking about a conductor who stops the orchestra on cue, or ensuring everybody stays together, or beating the right tempi, in order to ensure the relationship between the stage and the orchestra is perfect.

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So it is important, especially for a young conductor, to prepare correctly, and to study a lot, because there are many things to do. Then there is Sinopoli, who has a very special place in my life.

It is wonderful to listen to, but it is difficult, the human voice is stretched to its limits.


I love both, but at this moment in my life I very happy to do a lot of opera. The second factor relates to my years spent studying to interivu a composer.

The second is passion, by which I do not mean over-conducting. Theses are my general ambitions, but my dream is to become a music director in my own country, in Italy, because opera in italy needs a change.

This is important, as a conductor must have this characteristic; it is not easy to stand in front of 3, people and to have the self-confidence to bring the orchestra, singers and the audience around to accepting your interpretation. These are the two stars that remind me inteeviu I have a lot of work to do, if I am to reach the same level. I lived in New York for two and half years, so it remains in my heart. My ambition is to return to the New York Met, where I started.

This is the dream I have for opera in Italy, and if Italy will bet on me, I will be happy. I demand precision from myself and the orchestra.

Of course, during rehearsals, I am completely different. Of course I am still a not an important conductor, but I am one of the young conductors who conducts a ,uisi, and with some success. In the case of Vaccaj, however, everything has been written with to accommodate the voice.

Very erotic for sure. The conductor only needs to realize this.