This radical new musical language was in part facilitated by Ligeti’s recently developed technique of micropolyphony. For much of Atmosphères. GYÖRGY LIGETI – Atmosphères – Volumina · Lux aeterna – Etüde · Etude No. 1» Harmonies«- Lontano · Ramifications – Melodien for Orchestra – Gerd Zacher. Gyorgy Ligeti was born in Transylvania in His family originated in Hungary. I discovered his music after purchasing the soundtrack for Stanley Kubrick’s.

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Atmosphères – Wikipedia

Micropolyphony has its first great example here in a mirror canon in forty-eight parts, the twenty-eight violins moving in a downward direction while the twenty violas and cellos climb. A Space Odyssey—Original Soundtrack. Keep us on point! VAT plus shipping costs. Gigantic clusters of chords hover in a stasis that negates familiar signposts of harmony and pulse. August 13, at 6: Help us improve this article! Rhino Records Compact Disc, “.

This page was last edited on 24 Marchat Music of the Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde: Ligeti had flung the door wide open to new worlds of sound and structure.

I love whatever is constructed. Consequently, these evolving sound structures seem stationary, as if detached from the passage of time.


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Instruments enter almost imperceptibly, rising furtively from the mist before gently receding, and as such there is no concept of beginning or end, only abstracted sounds and textures hanging motionless in time and space. I atmosphered love the apparent harmonic progression at 1: Click here to subscribe. This dense sound-fog became known as the signature Ligeti style”. In later experiments, the sound-producing groups are further set off….

Elsewhere in the work, and more usually, Ligeti achieves the sense of atmosphres uninterrupted sound mass by having his textures overlap with no clear divisions—entries are often to be imperceptible and extinctions gradual—or else by having one texture emerge out of another. Stanley Kubrick chose this piece and others by Ligeti for the scenes in deep space and those with the monolith in his film This was the first work Ligeti began after his time in the electronic music studio, and, atmispheres a composition of sounds and of layers of sounds, the score transfers to the orchestral plane an electronic manner of working.


There is absolutely no discernible melody, harmony is reduced to the drifting of saturated chromatic clusters, and pulse — or any sense of normal rhythmical articulation — is entirely absent. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The second big cluster of the piece is reshaped by dynamic changes, which bring forward particular timbres at first that of the strings or harmonic colors: Kubrick got the otherworldly, gravity-free aural effect he wanted, and Ligeti gained another hearing and a new audience for his work.

You are commenting using your WordPress. The Beatles, British musical quartet and a global cynosure for the hopes and dreams of a generation that…. The contrast between these two pieces—the Ligeti a study in motionlessness, the Stravinsky a convulsive eruption of ligetj only enhanced by Jurowski’s device, making one listen with refreshed ears.

According to program notes published by the San Francisco Symphony OrchestraLigeti atospheres not pleased that his music occurred in a film soundtrack shared by composers Johann and Richard Strauss. Some idea of how revolutionary his work was may be gained from a glance at the study score: Get Email Updates Sign up for e-mails about special offers, upcoming concerts, new recordings and more.