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Buy the LGB MTS Loco Decoder II from Reynauld’s Euro Imports. Call us at Find great deals for LGB Decoder DCC MTS MTZ V2. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Hi all, Just been playing around with a It seems to work fine on analogue with both motor control and directional lighting, but won’t do a.

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Thread starter andyspencer Start date 26 5502 Tags dcc mts. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hi all, Just been playing around with a It seems to work fine on analogue with both motor control and directional lighting, but won’t do a thing on DCC I’ve done a factory reset using CV I will confirm this setting in the morning.

Has anybody else come across this issue before and got a solution. Or is it broken? What is it fitted to. Has it worked in the past. What address are you using. Tried it in a stainz chassis, and now fitted to an RhB drivin trailer. Was given it as a near new, but has not worked previously after being programmed but was hoping it was just something silly on the programming side of things.


If it was hardware, was expecting it to either work on DCC and analogue or do nothing. Have you tried reading the address CV1?

LGB 55021 Decoder DCC MTS MTZ V2

If you can’t read the address then there is something fundamentally wrong. What command station are you using? Could be speed step mismatch as Dave says, or perhaps you’re trying to use “long address” 3 not “short address” 3?

I set up an LGB universal remote with the programming head to do the factory reset. The loco did the shuffle so looked like it accepted the changes.

How did I flick between short and long address or know which I’ve lyb it set to?

The information is from the manual. This is one of the limitations of the LGB The Massoth equivalent does not have this restriction.

Directional lighting LGB decoder – G Scale Central

So IF it is a new II it will be able to have an address greater than IF it is an older unit, then it won’t. If we are trying to ascertain whether it is faulty, surely we must assume ‘lowest common denominator’ for the device.

Decoder and CS to match for speed-step settings. Hi all, thanks for the help and info. I lgg tried the decoder without reading it, so just tried every address was quicker than getting the laptop out to read cv1 and none worked so its been on the shelf pgb 2 months Tried the reset on cv55, value 6 then 5 I think? I have since read cv1 and found it to be Changed it back to 3 for testing and low and behold it works.


Well it works in my RhB driving trailer which is what I wanted it for For future information, how would one tell if they had an earlier or late ? Greg Elmassian Registered 30 Jan Just to nudge this thread back in to life, just by visually looking at the decoder is there a way lgh tell if it’s an old one or a newer version? Arthur Aardvark Registered 7 Apr Dan Registered 31 May It is very important on all LGB decoders to read out address 7 to see the revision.

I have found version 2. Same for thethe higher the rev the more it can do which includes speed steps.

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