Digital Morphology account of the earless ‘monitor’ lizard, Lanthanotus borneensis, featuring CT-generated animations of the skull and. The earless monitor lizard (Lanthanotus borneensis). Barely seen since its description in , the species has suddenly become a victim of.

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Herp Queries With Bill Love: The Earless Monitor

Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History Sources with knowledge of the Hamm fair say that Seipp and another German trader, Markus Lanthabotus, bought and sold jewelled geckos at the Terraristika trade fair in June.

The similarity is in part the latnhanotus of convergent evolution and they should be recognized as separate families. Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong, pp.

Statements anyone can post online are under no such restraints, and they are often less trustworthy and more provocative due to this fact. It seems that your browser does not have Javascript enabled. Stanford University Press, Stanford, California.

Lanthanotidae in West Kalimantan Indonesian Borneo. Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator.

Earless monitor lizard

At the September trade fair, the Guardian posed as a potential buyer and was offered earless monitor lizards and arboreal alligator lizards, both of which are protected species in their home countries of Indonesia and Mexico and Guatemala respectively.

Wildlife Conservation Germany Animals Europe news.

Like the Lanthanotus, these have been traded in Europe since last May, and have also been proposed for a Cites listing. At first they were expensive but no one is bringing them in anymore. He assists his wife, Kathy, with her business, CornUtopia, and via his company, Blue Chameleon Ventures, leads nature tours to view herps in Madagascar. Our local herp group—the Arizona Herpetological Association—handles many more rescue calls between March and May than any other time of year.


Janet Peters, Peoria, Ariz. But as shown in the “skeleton only” animations above, Lanthanotus possesses a much more extensive array of osteoderms than could be detected by conventional X-radiography. Osteological features that set Lanthanotus apart include broad palatal shelves, contact of the prefrontal and the postfrontal above the orbits, a vertical suture between the angular and splenial on the medial side of the jaw, and the presence of palatine teeth.

Although it is called the earless “monitor”, Lanthanotus is actually the sole living representative of Lanthanotidae, a clade closely related to, but different from, monitor lizards see Varanus gouldii.

Earless monitor lizard – Wikipedia

Selling them in Europe is not illegal but taking them from New Zealand would be. Chiapan beaded lizard Gila monster Guatemalan beaded lizard Mexican beaded lizard Rio Fuerte beaded lizard. Order by newest oldest recommendations. You are currently logged in as. Lanthanotus is fossorial, nocturnal, and semiaquatic, thus it is rarely observed and little is known of its life habits.

Reptiles can also act as pollinators for rare plants. The Guardian approached the organisers of the Terraristika trade fair but they declined to comment.

This scan revealed two features previously unknown in Lanthanotus. With many Arizona suburbs encroaching on hills and mountains, including right inside the city limits, these warnings carry borrneensis little more weight. Another trader compared the reptile industry to stamp collecting.

Extant species Helodermatidae Chiapan beaded lizard Gila monster Guatemalan beaded lizard Mexican beaded lizard Rio Fuerte beaded lizard. The unusual iguana is classified as vulnerable by the IUCN, mainly due to the loss of its jungle habitat in Mexico, and the lizard trade.

Endemic to Sarawak and West Kalimantan in Borneo, Lanthanotus is thought rare, although little is known about the cryptic lizard with a morphology that has been linked to a 70 million-year-old Mongolian fossil. Someone saw an opportunity to get some out of the wild and into herpetoculture, and make a profit at the same time.


This slow-moving arboreal lizard has bright orange lining inside its mouth that it reveals when threatened. Although generally docile and inactive when handled, males are usually more aggressive than females lantnanotus caught, and in one case a scientist received a deep bite in his finger, but did not experience lamthanotus effects indicating venom in the bite unlike the related beaded lizards, gila monster and some monitor lizards.

Lanthanotus borneensis

Schaub handed over a business card with an email address for his partner, Maciej Oskroba, and said: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Keeping an ear to the ground: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity. Several earlier studies have placed the earless monitor lizard together with Helodermatidae and Varanidae true monitor lizards in Varanoidea.

The more rare and exotic the species, the higher the asking price. In the meantime, while collecting the species in the wild and exporting them is illegal in their countries of origin, they may be freely bought and sold in Europe without a crime being committed – and no extradition treaties apply. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Borjeensis will hear proposals to borneeensis the international trade in earless monitor and some arboreal alligator lizards at its next conference in South Africa in Monitor lizards Cretaceous lizards Helodermatidae.

The number of events has noticeably grown in recent years. Retrieved 26 June

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