Egill Skallagrímsson ( circa – circa) fu uno scaldo islandese e un grande anti-eroe della letteratura islandese. Alcune narrazioni dicono che uccise 20 o più uomini armati con una sola mano e che divenne berserker con relativa facilità . A dispetto di questo, fu considerato un guaritore, e la sua saga narra che lui. Many scholars attribute Egil’s Saga to medieval Iceland’s most famous writer, SNORRI Egill Skallagrímsson en un manuscrito del siglo XVII de la Saga de Egil. Esta saga es una de las obras maestras de la narrativa isalandesa medieval. Narra la vida del poeta, vikingo y campesino, y fue escrita hacia el año por el.

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Grim took Bera in the winter following the summer when Thorolf had parted from him and his father. A few winters before Ingjolf and Hjorleif had gone to settle in Iceland; their voyage was much talked dkallagrimsson, and ’twas said there was good choice of land there.

Egill Skallagrímsson

The fleets met south in Rogaland in Hafr’s Firth. Life was harsh, particularly during the long, cold winters, when it was crucial for people to get along and work together.

Bard was then to come north for the wedding. A mighty man he became, and he bestowed much care on his ships, equipment, and weapons. At times in Egil’s saga Egil comes across as a brute who often acts quickly and irrationally for no reason. It is difficult, O king, to place men as managers here, because thou wilt seldom come hither thyself. There he declared his business, and asked Sigridr to wife. There was skallagrimssom man in Halogaland named Bjorgolf; he dwelt in Torgar.

Now, this is the boon craved by Kveldulf and by us all, that thou receive Thorolf with honour and make him a great man with thee. King Hakon requested Thorstein to collect tribute in Varmland or be sentenced to outlawry.

He gave him withal the right of journey to the Finns, with the king’s business on the fells and the Finn traffic. Indeed, even after death, he remains a puzzling character: Thorolf took his loss cheerfully, and said that he should skallagrimxson be short of money; ”tis good,’ said he, ‘to be in partnership with a king.


About this was the controversy of Thorstein and Tongue Odd. They took a rowing-ship of Skallagrim’s, went southwards along the coast, stood in to Ostra Firth, then travelled by land up to Vors to the lake there; and, their course lying so that they must cross it, they got a suitable rowing-ship and ferried them over, whence they had not very far to go to the farm where the king was sava entertained.

They came there before daybreak, and formed a ring of men round the place, then raised a war-whoop and wakened those within, who quickly leapt up to their weapons. Finmark is a wide tract; it is bounded westwards by the skalalgrimsson, wherefrom large firths run in; by sea also northwards and round to the east; but southwards lies Norway; and Finmark stretches along nearly all the inland region to the south, as also does Halogaland outside.

Saga de Egil Skallagrimsson : Snorri Sturluson :

With a fair wind he held on south to Denmark, and thence into the Baltic, where he harried through that summer, but got no good booty. This ship he bade sail westwards for England to buy him clothes and other wgil that he needed; and they, first steering southwards along the coast, then stretching across the main, came to England.

The king sate in the high seat; but when the foremost bench was filled, then the king looked round, and he turned red, but spoke skallagrimsson, and men thought they could see he was angry. There they found a good skallagrimssoj, laded the ship with wheat and honey and wine and clothes, and sailing back in autumn with a fair wind came to Hordaland.

He had a daughter named Sigridr; she was thought the best match in Halogaland, being his only child and sole heiress to her father.

In it he expresses his helplessness over his loss, and blames his god Odin, who has deprived him of his child, but grudgingly still worships the god for giving him the art of poetry that skxllagrimsson him to express his grief.


Egil commits massacre, killing Onund, as well as Eric’s 10 year-old prince Rognvald. Then Brynjolf went away home to his estate, but Bard remained, and was made one of the king’s guard.

Saga de Egil Skallagrimsson

The Icelandic Family Saga: He and many with him escorted sava to the water-side. When Bard received Egil’s party, he would only serve curd skyr to drink, pretending ale had run out.

They made great preparations for their journey, choosing them men and the best ship they could get; it was the very ship they had taken from Thorgils Yeller. Brynjolf made little count of them, and did not let them inherit aught of their father’s.

Brynjolf resolved to go, and with him Bard his son; and in the autumn they went southwards to Throndheim, and there met the king. egi

Egill Skallagrímsson – Wikipedia

Thou, too, hast bestowed on him large grants, and he had now made all ready to repay them with ill. Harold claimed as his own through every district all patrimonies, and all land tilled or untilled, likewise all seas and freshwater lakes.

From this river to the river called Grims-river, the land stretching upwards between them Grim had.

And next day at the drinking Egil recited another stave about his poem’s reward:. They had many freedmen about them, and many men who had grown up there at home and were about Skallagrim’s equals in age. But when they paid it the king himself was present and saw.

Four brothers there were in all; but Thord and Thorgeir, the two younger, were at home, and managed the estate. Bera got sjallagrimsson woman to look after the girl.