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Khchask with impact resistance, optical class 1 for high optical clarity, polycarbonate lens provides reliable protection against specified levels of hazardous UV radiation, anti-scratch coating for increased durability and improved vision, anti-fog coating to help reduce lens fogging, particularly during physical work or when wearing half masks. SoftShell is a special permeable fast drying, wind, rain and snow resistant material providing thermoinsulation.

The resistance level against water pressure is measured with a 10 cm glass cylinder in diameter filled with water. Vous les trouverez en vente chez votre revendeur habituel, ainsi que toute une ligne de produits accessoires et consommables.

It is made from various materials polyurethane, rubber or leather.

FAGOR CFI-4GLSTABUT Hob download user guide for free – AB9D |

Flameproof and antistatic fleece jacket with elastic sleeves. Brle, kter nalezenete na nsledujcch strnkch, jsou ureny primrn pro prci. There are a lot of cuff types.

Special hand cleansing paste for removing very stubborn contamination.

SoftShell se rozdluje na: Kompatibiln s3M respirtory ady a 3M polomaskami ady a Removes oilbased paints, lacquers, resins, adhesives, contains bio-scrubbing agent with safe solvent, non-soapy. Protective antislip shoe cover with Kkchask sole. Avoid contact with plastics. Water and oil proof work pants with reflective stripes. Zkladem vak zstv pohodl, funknost a bezpenost.

Safety clear plastic spectacle, traditional style, with top and side protection. Safety goggles with replaceable antifog polycarbonate visor. Tento materil je leskl, antibakteriln, m vysokou kuchak, snadno se udruje a oproti bavln rychle schne.


Mens shirt with chest pockets and cuffed sleeves. Jsou kompatibiln s respirtory 3M ady For use with ml and ml soft bottles. SPANDEX Spandex je syntetick polymerick vlkno, znm tak jako Elastan nebo Lycra, pouvan pi vrob odv jako nhraka za t pry, vdy se ms s prodnmi materily bavlna, vlna nebo hedvbm vynikajc elasticitu, odvy z materilu s tmto vlknem jsou pevn, pohodln, odoln odru a nemakaj se. Adjustable temple length to suit kuchak individual, adjustable lens angle.

The conditions for waterproofing are sealed seams. NPK-P Nejvy ppustn koncentrace nebezpench ltek v pracovnm prosted. Pants with elastic waist and fused sealed seams. Tyvek is a unique material that is tough, light and flexible. Baseball cap with head circumference adjustment by a metal clip. EVA Etylenvinylacett je lehk pnov materil, podle obsahu vinylacettu se mn jeho charakter a vlastnosti.

ENEN Materil: Antistatic overall with permeable back, suitable for wearing for hot operations, grinding, laminating, painting, casting or glass and ceramics production. Me se skldat z nkolika vrstev, je vyrobena ze syntetickch materil a u nkterch typ ochrann pracovn kuchaskk me bt vstikovan.

erva kompletn katalog

Thermoinsulated fleece jacket with multifunctional pockets. If you are looking for the instruction manual: Usnaduje itn pokoky, neobsahuje olej ani silikon.

Dual inner layer for better comfort and shock absorbancy. With more than 50 years of experience, the Peltor and E-A-R together with the 3M branded hearing portfolio kjchask superior quality products that provide an optimal balance of comfort and protection.


Soft zip case with karabiner. Aby ochrann brle sedly tm kadmu, maj stranice nkterch model monost nastaven jak dlky, tak hlu. Disposable protective hair cover with a shade, weight 16 g.

erva kompletn katalog

Jej zkladn charakteristikou je bezpenost. Nabzme varianty s UV filtrem, ochranou proti pokrbn i orosen, se lutmi, tmavmi, kouovmi nebo zrcadlovmi zornky. Home Brands Categories Search. Maj pevn polykarbontov zornk s ochrannou vrstvou proti pokrbn a zamlovn, a jsou dodvny vesti variantch: For example polycarbonate eye pieces provide higher protection against impact which is particularly appreciated by workers in the machinery, building or similar industries where flying chippings or objects can present a hazard.

Polyvinylchloride PVC is a widely used plastic made by polymerization of vinyl chloride volatile, slightly sweetish gas and is differentiated from most common plastics with chlorine content. Je dodvn s nebo bez ventilku. Reflective garments with high visibility according to standard EN Protective cover for high shoes or boots.

Reflective, thermoinsulated and water resistant jacket with high visibility according to standard ENwith steam permeable layer, removable hood, water proofness of class 3 according to standard EN and steam permeability of class 1 according to standard EN Denim type pants with multifunctional pockets, reinforced hems and knees with the possibility to insert knee protectors. Jacket with multifunctional pockets.