Act Info: Preamble 1 – KARNATAKA TAX ON ENTRY OF GOODS ACT, Chapter I. Section 1 – Short title extent and commencement. Section 2 – Definitions. Karnataka Tax on Entry of Goods Act, (“the KTEG Act” for short) is an Act to provide local areas for consumption, use or sale therein. The KTEG Act has. Dear all Sec 8A of the KTEG Act Power to withhold refund in certain cases 1 Where an order giving rise to refund is the subject matter of.

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The issue before this Court was, whether sewing machine’ could be subjected to entry tax and brought under entry 7 of the kte to K Roy and Serial No Chotabhaijethabhai Patel Tobacco Products Co. CSL 79 acr May 31, issued by the State Government in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 3 of the Act is involved in the appeal by special leave at the instance of the State of Butter, ghee and chees.

Consider putting the most unique and important word here. Refrigerators, including deep freezers, bottle coolers, water coolers, cold storage equipments and the like and parts thereof adt It provides that, the tax shall be levied on entry of any goods specified in the Ktwg Schedule into Profiteering – manufacture and supply of consumer goods comprising of Supreme Court Of India The intention is to levy tax only when the goods are brought in Items 4 and 5, which are relevant in the Reliance was placed on Karnataka Tax on Entry of Goods Act Suit cases, brief cases, attache cases and despatch cases including those made of leather but excluding steel trunks.


State Of Gujarat And Ors.

Proceedings under the KTEG Act, 1979

These appellants being aggrieved by the various lteg initiated for levy and collection of tax under the provisions of the Karnataka Tax on Entry of Precious stones namely diamonds, emeralds, rubies, real pearls and sapphires and articles in which such precious stones are set, semi-precious stones and articles in which such semi-precious stones are set.

State Of Haryana And Ors.

Vide notification dated May 31,the State Government Diesel engines and parts thereof. The State of Karnataka was the first State to abolish octroi with effect from Liquor including arrack and toddy.

Rate of tax on entry of goods in karnataka-Karnataka Tax on Entry of Goods Act

That Ordinance was replaced by the Karnataka In … TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Clarification on export of services under GST H: The judgment of the Tribunal whereby the assessee successfully avoided levy of entry tax on the goods such as corks, caps You have reach your max limit. Description of goods 1 Point of Devans Modern Breweries Ltd. Pressure cookers and parts and accessories thereof Sancheti And Another v.


The Karnataka Acthe says, bears no resemblance or similarity to a levy in Ocl India Limited And Another… v.

Proceedings under the KTEG Act,

Soaps, Soap flakes, soap powders, detergent powders and liquids and laundry brighteners. Gramaphones of every description and accessories and parts thereof. Article contains two clauses.

AIR SCwherein, after surveying all Authority For Advance Rulings. The case of State of Karnataka v.