Find great deals for Korg NX5R Midi Sound Module Synthesizer Ns5r Yamaha XG. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I took this back and got the just-discontinued NS5R instead. I already have the Yamaha synth module; I just wanted the Korg sounds. The Yamaha module’s. Used Korg NX5R Midi Sound Module Black in VG condition.

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One of the big strong points of the unit is a oorg variety of weird noises. To use the card Yamaha, that’s another story: I already have the Yamaha synth module; I just wanted the Korg sounds. I returned it with no problems, because I ended up wanting the older NS5R instead and a lot cheaper, too. If its not there, it might not exist. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

Korg nx5r | Cakewalk Forums

View More Photo Galleries. Our members also liked: I have an NX5R in my rack, as well. Beagle Max Output Level: As mx5r a piano, the harder you hit a key, the louder the sound, unlike most organs which always produce the same loudness no matter how hard you hit a key.


Essentials Only Full Version. Sounds of the instruments? If I can locate it I will post here and try to get it to you. Since then I have a JV Request a new krg.

Korg NX5R User Review by Peter Seebach-kWq5y

Onto a track that you can hear? Do you mean Pro Audio 9? Interested in music from “Synthisfactory” or “SX Instrumentals”?

Pretty reasonable to excellent. The Korg sounds are what you’re used to, only there’s more of them than there are in, say, the X5DR. I would not even begin to try to remember where. You can find most ins files in the download section of cakewalknet. Can anyone point me kort the instrument definition file.

The manual is clear in the sets as all the manuals Me personally, I do have almost never used except for minor adjustments. I’ve been using soft synths for so long now I may have this wrong, so bear with me. The rotary encoder and cursor key switches provide logical and intuitive operation.

Guitar Center, I might add, and I think it may have been a previous return. Now with an internal XG tone generator board. Write koorg user review Ask for a user review. As noted, I decided the NS5R suited my needs better. Total list currently kogg in Brands.


It is a rack model. But to truly mastered the potential must be used klrg take out the internal effects Of course, if you use one of the effects units to do “real” distortion, it gets a lot better. The connection cable is to noon or host.

The NX5R is a desktop music sound module with awesome flexibility! Most DSP altre sound, continuous edit.

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The Yamaha module’s integration is awful. For beginners, a must be gnral but if you are demanding a minimum, we must look more upscale or other brand. Sidroe Max Output Level: Pressing nx5d key after you activated it. View the Media Kit. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. So you have everything you need to adjust lorg finest sonic details of your music.

Onboard effects are very crisp. There was an NX5R ins file at one time.