Get this from a library! Konwencja montrealska: komentarz: odpowiedzialność cywilna przewoźnika lotniczego. [Małgorzata Polkowska; Izabella Szymajda]. la navegación marítima y aeronáutica —— and Szymajda I, Konwencja montrealska Komentarz Odpowiedzialność cywilna przewoźnika lotniczego ( Liber. stworzono dwustopniowy system odpowiedzialności. konwencja montrealska r. PRZYGOTOWALI: Siwiaszczyk Filip. Solecka Sylwia.

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The Depositary shall promptly notify all signatories and States Parties:. But unfortunately addressee refused to receive cargo, because it was incomplete and so did mmontrealska want to pay for it, The sender, in turn, did not want to release the cargo from the port because they did not receive payment for the goods.

Carriage by Air Performed by a person other than the contracting carrier. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Responsibility for the information contained in documents. The carrier shall not exclude or limit its liability for knowencja arising under paragraph 1 Article 17, and not exceeding Special Drawing Rights for each passenger.

The Montreal Convention

Failure to comply with the provisions of the preceding paragraphs shall not prejudice or the existence of, or the validity of the contract of carriage, which nevertheless will be subject to this Convention, including those relating to limitation of liability. An action for damages must be paid, plaintiff’s choice, the territory of any State party or the court where the carrier or the principal place of montrealeka or place of, where it has a base, through konsencja the contract was concluded, or to the court the place of destination.

The air waybill or the credentials to accept the goods of the weight, dimensions and packing of goods, and the number of packages are, until the contrary is proved, proof of the facts stated; data on the quantity, volume and condition of the goods constitute evidence against the carrier except so, if their check was made by him in the presence of the sender and found in the air waybill or the cargo receipt, or relate to the condition of the cargo.

The truck has 4 years, but was in good condition, previously used only by 1 child. Carriage by air within the meaning of paragraph 1 this article covers the period, where the product is in the charge carrier.

Your list montrealsak reached the maximum number of items. Even in the past few years, the excellent monograph issued a specialist in aviation law Anna Konert http: This monetary unit corresponds to sixty-five and a half milligrams of gold nine hundred attempts.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Present in the summary: Similar Items Related Subjects: Remember me on this computer. In the montrealwka of carriage performed by the actual carrier, any person acting for him, if he proves, that it acted within the scope of its functions, may rely on the conditions and limitations applicable under montrealsks Convention to the carrier, for the work, unless it is proved, that it acted in a manner which excludes the possibility of relying on the limitation of liability under the Convention.

The scope of the carrier’s liability can be extended on the terms described in Article. Thank you very much but with the right air is not so bad. No special agreement, under which the contracting carrier assumes obligations not imposed by this Convention, or waiver granted by the Convention rights and to defend, or a special declaration of interest in delivery provided for in article klnwencja will have no effect against the actual carrier, unless he does not consent.

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Subject to the provisions of Article 25 this Convention and subject to paragraph 2 below, limitation of damages provided in the articles 21, 22 i 23 are reviewed by the depositary five years, the first such review will take place at the end of the fifth year after entry into force of this Convention or — Convention had not entered into force within five years from the first day, which was opened for signature — during the first year of its entry into force, using an inflation factor corresponding to the rate of inflation since the previous revision or for the first time from the date the Convention enters into force.

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Konwencja montrealska : komentarz : odpowiedzialność cywilna przewoźnika lotniczego

In the case of montrewlska carriage, performed partly by air, and partly by any other means of transport, provisions of this Convention shall apply, subject to paragraph 4 Article 18, only to air transportation, if at the same time it satisfies the conditions laid down in article 1. This Convention applies to carriage performed by the State or by legally constituted public, he fulfills the conditions set out in Article 1. The provisions of paragraphs 2 i 3 this article will be regarded as forming part of every arbitration clause or arbitration agreement, and any conditions of such clause or agreement inconsistent with these provisions shall be considered as null and non-legal consequences.


The amounts in this Convention as special drawing rights refer to konnwencja Special Drawing Right as defined by the International Monetary Fund. Otherwise, I would like to congratulate blog: Subjects Konwencja montrealska Transport lotniczy — prawo — interpretacja. Konwenca carriers will be jointly and severally liable with respect to passenger, sender or recipient.

Conversion of the sums into national currencies in cases before the courts, must be interpreted according to the value of the currency units in Special Drawing Rights at the date of judgment. The relationship between the sender and recipient and between third parties. The calculation mentioned in the last sentence of paragraph 1 this Article and the conversion set forth in paragraph 2 that article is done in such a way, to express in monetary units in the country as far as possible the same real value of the amounts referred to in Articles 21 i 22, would result from the application of the first three sentences of paragraph 1 this article.

In the case of destruction, disappearance, damage or delay of goods or any part of an object, as a basis for determining the amount of limiting the liability of the carrier accepts only the total weight of package or packages, where the damage concerns.

Signature of transporter, as well as the sender, may be printed or stamped. Subject to the provisions of this Montrealsla, the contract of carriage of goods may provide in the contract, that any dispute concerning the carrier’s liability under jonwencja Convention shall be settled by arbitration.

The carriage without such a landing between two points within the territory of one country only is not considered the international carriage for the purposes of this Convention.

Limitation of Liability for delay, baggage and cargo. You can also Subscribe no comment on this entry.