Kobudo Tonfa. £ £ Click the image to see the full canvas artwork. Selected artwork from the Hooded Arts clothing range are available as striking box. Weapon training class at the Santa Ana dojo during the month of September will be Tonfa. Any questions regarding Kobudo class, please speak with Senpai.

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Generally, weapons systems are not automatically formalized as karate systems.

But imagine if the Okinawans had this – just think what those chains could have been used for – maybe a manrikigusari or kamagusari. The tonfa can also be wielded in such a kobuxo as to use the knob as a striking implement similar to a hammer.

A small group of our students who tested for certification meaning they have reached a level of expertise with this weapon that is considered expert have shown they understand kihon basic strikes, blocks and throwsthey demonstrated kovudo three of our Seiyo Shorin-Ryu tonfa kata, demonstrated bunkai applications from the kataused to tonfa as a self-defense weapon against attackers armed with clubs, poles and knives, and also demonstrated kumite sparring defending with a pair of tonfa against attackers wielding a bo 6-foot pole.

Teule 1st dan from France attacks Dave from ChandlerArizona.

Thus most kobudo kihon basics mimic karate kihon. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat It is used for blocking, striking and hooking.

Arizona’s Guide to Tonfa – Martial Arts Weapon of Self-Defense

Charles trains with Ryan Harden at Mesa Gilbert dojo. They can be made of any hard material but are predominantly found in aluminium, iron, steel, or wood. Thus it has more pragmatic application to Shorin-Ryu martial artists and the Japanese police. See news articles and letter from kobkdo University of Wyoming president at the bottom of this blog.


Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts.

Okinawan kobudō

It is traditionally made from red oak, and can be gripped by the short perpendicular handle or by the longer main shaft. Kobud our training sessions at 60 W.

The weapon is metal and of the truncheon class with its length dependent upon the forearm of the user. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Okinawan Kobudo – Matsubayashi | Yamanni Ryu. Bo. Sai. Kama. Tonfa.

Keep in mind few things ever develop without the influence of others and there is a tendency by Mankind to build on or modify earlier creations. A tpnfa tonfa practitioner can defend against a variety of attacks as this is a very practical weapon. The styles listed below may practice strictly weapons, or may practice another martial arts usually karate as well. Adam blocks attack by Ryan Harden and follows up with a classical tonfa strike.

Okinawan kobudō – Wikipedia

Noteworthy hallmarks are the slight point at the tip, curve to tonfq side of the paddle and a roof-like ridge along the other.

However, few law enforcement agencies other than in Japan trained more than a few hours with tonfaor the side-handle baton, making it less than effective with poorly trained police officers. These people are all great individuals as well as outstanding martial artists. The bo is the earliest of all Okinawan weapons and effectively one of the earliest oobudo all weapons in the form of a basic staffand is traditionally made from red or white oak.

It was perhaps developed from a farming tool called a tenbin: Possibly because of the unique ‘traditional tonra and atmosphere of the dojo’ – and much of the training is in Japanese. When the handle is grasped, the shaft protects the forearm and hand while the knob tsukagashira and tsuka protects the thumb. The nunchaku was popularized by Bruce Lee in a number of films, made in both Hollywood and Hong Kong.


The hoe is common gonfa all agrarian societies; in Okinawa, the kuwa has been also used as a weapon for as long as there have been farmers.

Training includes katabunkai applications and ippon kumite controlled sparringwhether they are in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, India, Vietnam or were ever they might be. Posted by Soke Hausel at 7: If you are looking for something to do each week that requires only a good nature, come join us at 60 W. The edge of a traditional rice sickle, such as one would purchase from a Japanese hardware store, continues to the handle without a notch, as this is not needed for its intended use.

The weapon should not so light that you lose power and focus, and should not be too heavy that it cannot be maneuvered with speed. It is a tonta story and common belief that Okinawan farming otnfa evolved into weapons due to restrictions placed upon the peasants by the Satsuma samurai clan when the island was made a part of Japan, which forbade them from carrying arms.

The size of tonfa is determined similar to sai and should extend about one inch beyond the elbow for combat: The tonfa, the classical night stick also referred to as the PR and side-handle baton, has been used by law enforcement agencies around the globe, but few officers really know how to use this baton.