A pavane is a stately dance, one with all its steps set out, with a clear beginning and a foreseen end. To my ear, the word itself sounds. Pavane [Keith Roberts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A classic of alternate history, this novel is set in a twentieth century where the. Pavane [Keith Roberts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The rebellion was successful.

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Leave a message at the tone The Lady Eleanor sets in motion a great change; a revolution that leads ultimately to the last chapter of this book, The Coda. My favorite scene is the one about the making of a lithograph. On the bright side, it has continually been reprinted and is very easy to find.

The stories are self-contained, but some characters appear in latter robers as older or because their children are featured. The Church, of course hates the Old Ones, along with any so-called heretics, witches, blasphemers rebels, etc. It is worth reading it to see the direction the author intended for his tale, but it comes pxvane as an afterthought. He recently released his 50th album Lost Cities. Roberts was a very good author,but Dick was afterall a genius.

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Imagine the Spanish Amada returning and capturing Great Britain. Elizabeth I is assassinated, and the country descends into bloody reprisals and insurrection.

Pavane: Keith Roberts: : Books

Pavane takes its name from the processional keeith from Renaissance-era Europe, and much like that dance the novel is complex, obscure, and stately, a slow but calculated read with a dark and mysterious undertone. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Lulworth Cove is a fond memory, as was a night in Lyme. Slow-moving and stately, they build up a picture of a 20th-century English backwater that will cause rather more than ripples in the world order. A kelth working class boy has always wanted to be a semaphore operator.


Insays the prologue, Queen Elizabeth I was assassinated, which set into motion a series of events that prevented the Protestant Reformation. I will reread this book one day. She can stay in her southern coast village, which is already under suspicion because of an unexplained incident with a mad monk named John in her father’s time, or she can swim out to the ship she sees off-shore, and escape her rural fate.

I always remember his judgement in New Maps of Mervyn Peake: There is a feudal system that supports the suppression of technology, an England as a poor nation with class suppression from an authoritarian Catholic Church. The situation is the same in ; technological development is pretty much non-existent except for steam power, and it is heresy to develop any further technologies. That change we view through four or five generations of a family called, perhaps significantly, Strange.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: One person found this helpful. After the death and funeral of Eli Strange, Jesse Strange has inherited the traction engine haulage business that dominates Dorset. An absolutely stunning book that I read straight through without putting down. Will the woes of the common people never be relieved? Return to Book Page. The world is very different under its stifling power, the most obvious thing being that the Church has prevented the use of many technological advances.

The massive road wheels stood in pools of shadow. The “Old Ones” presumably fairies or elves make frequent although secretive appearances to humans.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Pavane, by Keith Roberts, is a beautiful collection of six connected stories written in an alternate England where Queen Elizabeth was assassinated and Philip II won the throne of England.


People live a pastoral existence of guilds and farming, with technology held back to the level of the steam locomotive and primitive radio. His descriptions are breathtaking. His version of the main character, Eleanor, sounded petulant and foolish.

There is kwith hand-holding for the reader. I am an admirer of the music of Ed Kuepper. Many Britons are squirming under the harsh rule of the Keit Church. Oct 22, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem. And then there’s The Coda – the last short story in the book – which is thought provoking. Review by Iain Rowan. After the tales of Rafe, Becky and Brother John, with the only common denominator being Dorset, we return to the Strange family.

Well, here I can swank obnoxiously. And there are three heiresses: I was surprised to find out that many steampunkers actually know about “Pavane”, since Roberts, a British writer who died inwas hardly a household word. Some of the stories left me cold. The feudal system is alive and well, as is the workings of the Inquisition.

Imagine the Roman Catholic Church controlling the world and keeping progress thwarted. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Desperate for any reading material, I checked it out, and after a slow-ish start because I did not give a shit about trains and I felt that The Lady Margaret chapter went on and on about their handl So that was weird.

The stories are uneven, some being much better than others.