Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Maritain, ioned. The Degrees of Knowledge is a book by the philosopher Jacques Maritain, his major contribution to epistemology. It was first published in English. Jacques Maritain. London: G. Blackwell. Naturalized Epistemology and Degrees of Knowledge. Jacques Maritain – – University of Notre Dame Press.

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Maritain’s distinctive contribution is not, lf, to the details of Thomistic metaphysics, but to bringing it into relation with modern science and philosophy, and to explaining its foundations. Parole et Silence, Still, while distinct, both elements are equally necessary to being a human being.

The Degrees of Knowledge – Wikipedia

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InMaritain and his wife returned to France. Indeed, Maritain held that certain basic natural rights can be recognised by all, without there having to be agreement on their foundation and, as an illustration of this, he pointed to the general agreement on those rights found in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

In fact, against Sertillanges and Etienne Gilson, Maritain maintains that we can have affirmative knowledge about God — know in a more or less imperfect but, nevertheless, true way what God is.

Because of the nature of the objects of metaphysics, this latter kind of knowledge does not involve logical inference as much as reasoning by analogy or what Maritain calls ananoetic knowledge. The dust jacket has some tiny tears and chips, rubbing, light soiling. Maritain’s political philosophy and his philosophy of law are clearly related to his moral philosophy. As is evident from the preceding remarks, it covers a wide range of areas — though much of it was written for a general, rather than a devrees academic, audience.


Following the liberation of France in the summer ofhe was named French ambassador to the Vatican, serving untilbut was also actively involved in drafting the Karitain Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Newman on the Aims of Education. Sign in Create an account. Maritain’s primary work in epistemology is Distinguer pour unir: Kikuchi – – Nursing Philosophy 5 1: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Catholic University of America Press,pp. It varies according to the stage of social or economic development within that community and according to the specific activities knowleege individuals within it. Maritain held, however, that Aristotelian ethics, by itself, was inadequate because it lacked knowledge of humanity’s ultimate end.

Among — and at the summit — of natural objects is humanity, and thus psychology is the highest category of the philosophy of nature. Essays in Memory of Etienne Gilsoned. Other Internet Resources The Maritqin Maritain Center, University of Notre Dame [includes electronic texts of a number of Maritain’s major texts, as well as transcriptions of manuscripts].

Maritain sought to engage the world of the contemporary arts, but he was also critical of much of the aesthetics that was implied by it; knowledgr proposed to uncover principles of art at a time at which talk of such principles had already become somewhat suspect. Louis Rouart et Fils, Hilary rated it liked it Dec 16, A second jxcques feature of Maritain’s views on art is his discussion of art in relation to freedom; his views here not only reflect his metaphysics, but bear on his political philosophy.

Kim rated it really liked it Nov 10, Moreover, the philosophy of nature understands that reality is not reducible to the physical physical reality.

Also distinctive in Maritain’s account of metaphysics is the emphasis on eegrees act of existing. Again, in answer to the problem of unity and plurality — e.

The Degrees Of Knowledge

Jacques Maritain and the French Catholic Intellectuals. Degrees of Jaxques by Jacques Maritain. Knodledge envisages a political society under the rule of law — and he distinguishes four types of law: Maritain adopts, against John Duns Scotus, Aquinas’s general position on analogy, being, and on the need for analogical terms and concepts. One such event was the attack on principally Catholic religious organisations by secular and humanist forces within the French state, culminating in a number of laws affecting the taxation and ownership of church property and the place of religion in public affairs.


Maritain, of course, would reply that mraitain is precisely his point; such essences are not the object of emperiological sciences. University of Notre Dame Press, ]. Finally, it would seem that the model of demonstration that Maritain employs is foundationalist and, thus, has to answer to those criticisms that modern anti-foundationalism draws attention to — e.

The natural law is “universal and invariable” and deals with “the rights and duties which follow [necessarily] from the first principle” see Maritsin and the Statepp.

Degrees of Knowledge by Jacques Maritain

But now, all of that is being discarded, along with the idea of hell, the doctrine of creation out of nothing, the infancy narratives of the Gospels, and belief in the immortality of the human soul. Nevertheless, degreees mystery of being is an “intelligible mystery” Preface to Metaphysicsp.

An “authentic existentialism,” Maritain writes, “affirm[s] the primacy of existence, but as implying and preserving essences or natures, and as manifesting the supreme victory of the intellect eegrees intelligibility” ibid.