Code Parameter. Unit Type Min. Max. Def. New. St1 Set point 1. °C/°F. F c21 c St2 Set point 2. °C/°F. F c23 c 40 c0. Operating mode (ie heating. Accessories for IR33/DN33 Universal. Replacement table. 6. Programming instructions, parameters and alarm table. 7. • IR33W7 – 2 Cool circuits. • IR33E7H. The IR33 universal electronic controllers replace the IR3 range, offering additional features such as auto-tuning PID control and real time clock for managing.

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If the alarm persists, contact service.

The IR33 Universal is an air conditioning controller that is designed to improve upon and extend the IR32 Universal range.

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On this page IR33 Universal air conditioning unit. Duration of continuous cycle manual activation. A simple and innovative panel mounting system makes installation easy, allowing the user to simply it33 quickly push the controller into the designated unit.

It is id33 however that In addition to observing any further warnings described in this manual, the following warnings must be heeded for all CAREL products: Not found what you’re looking for?


Cables for pressure probes.

IR33 Universal air conditioning unit

The type of power supply can also be identified: Both of these solutions provide versatility and avoid complicated installation issues. If during umiversal count the value measured returns within the threshold or the contact closes, the alarm is not signalled and the count is reset.

This is my business and I want to improve my profile. The controllers can be connected via a network to supervisory and telemaintenance systems. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Remote control for IR33 and DN33 series universal. Interested unicersal this product?

DN33B9MR20 – IR33 Universal with Universal Inputs 1 RELAY and 1 AO (Vdc), 24Vac iACS

Starting firmware revision 2. Similar observations apply to the parameters corresponding to probe 2, with the following relationships: The PWM output can also be converted, using the following modules: The Present Simple tense in English is used to express a repeated present action, a general situation, An operating cycle is defined universwl five time intervals in which the temperature must reach a certain set point.

The temperature measured by the probe has fallen below threshold P25 for a time greater than P See the table below. If the set point changes, the activation point also changes automatically.


IR33 Universal Electronic Controllers

IR33 Universal air conditioning brochure 4pp 1. In the case of an alarm event, a counter starts and generates an alarm when reaching the minimum time P Both of these solutions provide versatility and avoid complicated installation issues. Based on the model of controller, the output activated may be a relay, a PWM signal for solid state relays SSR or a voltage that increases linearly from 0 to yniversal Vdc.

There are nine preset operating modes in which the installer can choose the set point univegsal the activation differential.

Tempatron – IR33 Universal Electronic Controllers

Rain, humidity and all types of liquids or condensate contain corrosive minerals that may damage the electronic circuits. Never run power cables including the electrical panel wiring and signal cables in the same conduits. There are two product lines: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Unoversal operating cycle is activated on the keypad, via digital input or automatically on the models with RTC.

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