As use of PDF Converter Professional 4 with Interwoven WorkSite and DeskSite in our user community grows, improvements are continually. Autonomy iManage/Interwoven/WorkSite Edit App Setup Entry for Power PDF. Answer: Power PDF supports the following versions of iManage. WorkSite allows law firms to effectively consolidate all relevant As the first major WorkSite release after the merger of Interwoven and.

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About Interwoven Interwoven, Inc.

Interwoven Announces WorkSite 4.0, Collaborative Document Management

High cost of acquisition, employee training costs and maintenance costs have been major drawbacks of such solutions. As the convergence of both structured and unstructured content continues to gain momentum, independent software vendors ISVs are finding that they must manage the unstructured content lifecycle around documents, correspondence, and ad-hoc communications. The modular and flexible architecture of WorkSite MP 4 permits these capabilities to be integrated in part or in whole, depending on a partner’s needs, and may be amended based on the licensing partner’s future product roadmap interwovwn.

Autonomy iManage made by each company according to client iterwoven because each firm have different requirement for managing their document, records, emails and more.

Interwoven WorkSite 8.0 Now Commercially Available

The streamlined process is expected to reduce the cost of processing claims, which requires multiple people and organisations to share documentation. For more information visit: Extended capabilities include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, and CAD product integrations, which give users the ability to control and access the integrated capabilities through the desktop applications they are already using today — another industry first. Records managers can use an administrative console to manage declared items; – Offline Mode – This module enables users to add and edit content including documents, collaborative items such as discussion threads, calendar items and even an entire workspace – all while disconnected from the repository.


By ensuring that good quality metadata is captured, WorkSite 8. Already tested in many firms, WorkSite 8. Claims is the first step in our use of the Market Repository.

The solution enables the management of all content and communications related to a contract, including e-mail. MCC represents a fundamental, user-centric design, which, for the first time, enables lawyers and other professional services practitioners to do in the electronic world what they have done for more than years in the physical world.

Updates to Interwoven WorkSite and DeskSite integration

Xchanging is leveraging Interwoven DM to provide insurers and brokers with a Market Repository in which workspaces are created for each risk in which they can directly store, share, manage, and access claims information.

Interwoven is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif, with offices around the world. The main aim of this software is to manage document, records and emails in an easy fashion.

This functionality provides support for effective records management by capturing every e-mail within the matter to which it pertains. As a result, firms can expedite client service, maintain financial growth, and retain talent. MCC creates the true electronic equivalent of a case file by consolidating documents, e-mails, billing, contacts, and all other relevant content for any given matter in a single integrated file that is accessible both internally and externally across departments and locations.

For more information visit http: In future the complex management of any business organization will be too easy using these types of system and make a very impressive role in the management like enterprise search solution. The software is available in a browser-based interface, integrated with front-office applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Lotus Notes, or as portlets for the industry’s most widely used portals.

For more information visit www. Autonomy iManage Worksite formerly known as interwoven worksite is a kind of software related to IRM, records management and email management given by Collaborative Technology Solution has very effective in current software era.


For more information visit www. The firm was looking for a collaborative document management platform to collect, store and maintain important asset-related documents in a scalable, secure repository that provides efficient content access to both users of the system and easy integration to other enterprise applications. Email This Stumble This.

The wasting cost of training and maintenance will be low and respective result defiantly will be good. To register for the webcast and download a copy of the full report, please go to: Solutions that benefit the most from the improved WorkSite MP 4 platform typically involve people, process, and content.

This will enable us to improve our efficiency, effectiveness and client service delivery, which are critical to our success.

This has kept a large number of small and medium businesses away from the efficiency benefits that a good document management solution can bring. Legal knterwoven can consolidate documents, records, e-mails, billing, contacts, and all other relevant content for any given client or matter in a single integrated file that is accessible both internally and externally across departments and locations.

There are so many technology and software firms uses this useful tool according to their requirements. So many firms made this type of software related to different company like accounting, finance, law and many more.

Autonomy iManage provide different types of filesite tool which helps professional service firm to maintain their workflow with the change of technologies.