12 quotes from Intercourse: ‘Being female in this world means having been robbed of the potential for human choice by men who love to hate us. One does d . INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin. by Giney Villar. Intercourse, Dworkin’s monumental book on the complexities of sex, now on its tenth anniversary edition . Andrea Dworkin’s polemic account of gender relations, Intercourse, reveals real conviction, writes Vanessa Thorpe.

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Given its reputation, I was expecting hoping for something angrier and even more radical. Want to Read saving…. There were also some moments it seemed the creepiness of these authors has infiltrated her own perspective. Yet this does not mean that gaining access to sex is the same thing intercoursse gaining power.

Male authors This book was on top of my to-read list since finishing John Stoltenberg’s essays Refusing andera be a Man, which deeply challenged my views on gender dynamics of domination, especially as expressed through sexuality. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

It is a comfortable women-friendly space and a gathering place for many non-governmental organisations engaged in issues affecting women around the globe. In any case, Dworkin’s choice to invoke the holocaust is offensive and should discredit anything she has to say.

INTERCOURSE by Andrea Dworkin

Male authors tend to offer paternalistic and condescending depictions of women ; but this I already knew by reading directly Tolstoy or Flaubert. Isis International realised it is essential to initially find out to what extent or if any at all do peace advocates include or consider women and gender in their peace work with from ICCO foundation, Isis carried out a study on women peacemakers in the Philippines. Dworkin asserts that men are obsessed with protecting their own vulnerability and they use women to draw attention away from this “nakedness.


But, alas, this book was more of a chore than a conversation starter. When women are not only expected to be the bearers of life. Dworkin uses historical and literary texts to explore the meanings intercourse has for women and men, the ways in which women internalise male dominance through sex, the use of rape and racial-sexualisation as a political weapon, and sex as redemption.

I felt able to enjoy and find this book very informative because I was not side-tracked by the mistaken tendency to personalise everything. So, I guess this is the origin of the “all sex is rape” fallacy. And hot damn, that made me want to applaud her. These narratives, perpetuated by dominant whites, portray all women, but particularly women of colour as inherently degraded and therefore rapable: Her subjectivity itself is second-class, her experiences and perceptions inferior in the world as she is inferior in the world.

Andrea Dworkin could give a rat’s ass if patriarchal society thinks well of her or validates her as a rational academic.

She doesn’t hate men; she hates the men that perpetuate said patriarchy.

I feel much better getting that out of my system. Joan of Arc, champion of France against dwoekin English, repudiated the way women were constructed and fought against the English until intrcourse capture by the Burgundians. The book consistently paints an antagonistic scenario between men and women, constantly at war with the odds stacked against women from the very start. Stylistically, Dworkin has a tendency to repeat herself, belabour a point, and use a startling number of semi-colons.

But I believe that assertion would be a disingenuous one. Sex for women and men will forever be a complicated business.

Fucking her is the dirtiest, nadrea it may not be as dirty as she herself is. Her description of the way of things, when not intensely graphic, is so intercouurse as to convolute her disagreement with that of the way of things, further convoluted by the referential treatment she makes for using others’ works to make her unapparant point rather than using her own critical voice and observations. Intercourse Cover of the first edition.


Otherwise, a fascinating book that addresses a topic we still encounter a lot in today’s patriarchal society. Some would have you believe that Dworkin’s book was all about the one quote she wrote “all rape is sex. If they can, is that a continuation of an oppressive cycle of domination and subordination or can it be liberative? Women, Dworkin suggests, are literally occupied in intercourse and perceive intercourse in the way men want women to perceive the act.

Intercourse Quotes

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is especially evident in laws governing intercourse that is dqorkin most vital in maintaining gender as a “social absolute.

Nov 21, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. Doing so might have saved me so much time wasted on liberal-choice feminism. Instead of seeing people who simply disagree, Dworkin sees captives. However, this aside, the points are important and extremely valid in today’s society. Anyone who has read the book sndrea Dworkin makes no distinction between rape, prostitution and sex. It has been both derided and lauded. But while this book is limited in scope and subject position, it is still an important contribution to feminist theory as inteecourse analysis of heterosexuality, even if only to illuminate the historical development of radical feminist thought.

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