IN THE PRESENCE OF MY ENEMIES. Gracia Burnham, Author, Dean Merrill, Joint Author, Dean Merrill, With with Dean Merrill. Tyndale $ (p) ISBN. In the Presence of My EnemiesIn the Presence of My Enemies, the gripping true story of American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham’s. [PDF] Download PDF DOWNLOAD In the Presence of My Enemies By – Gracia Burnham Online Ebook Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at.

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In the Presence of My Enemies is Gracia Burnham’s heatbreaking yet uplifting memoir reflecting on her time as an Abu Sayyaf hostage in the Philippines in the early ‘s.

Clearly, their captors have some screws loose. She burnhsm about the fact that so many people were praying so faithfully and asks why God didn’t answer their prayers and bring Martin out. For example, September 11, was just another day for them. Parts of the book drag on for me, like the pages of hymns that the authors chose to reprint or the fnemies time Gracia tells of how they had to eat something like boiled tree bark or walk for miles during the night. In this remarkably honest and unaffected memoir, Burnham tells the story of her presencd at the hands of Abu Sayyaf, a Muslim extremist group in the Philippines.

Should a ransom be paid for a hostage’s release?

The Gracia Burnham Collection: In the Presence of My Enemies / To Fly Again

I really enjoyed reading the riveting and inspiring book In the Presence of My Enemies. She admits there were times in the jungle when she questioned why God allowed her and Martin to be captured and held for so long. What graciz could help but imagine his own sins amplified by such circumstances?


And the final chapters – like an overlong and contrived evangelical sermon trying to shoehorn in messages of poor theological quality – are just irritating. Fascinating read and hard to believe anyone could survive what she did.

But she does say that she and her husband had mentally and even verbally said good-bye during the long year of their ordeal, so maybe that emotion was already spent.

Presenc is indeed stranger than fiction. My beta readers informed me that they wanted writing that pulled them into the story.

Unflinchingly honest, Gracia refuses to paint herself as a hero. On the one hand, they do not seem dedicated to hunting down the terrorists, as they would pursue the Abu Sayyaf into the jungle but just when they had the Abu Sayyaf cornered, they would retreat because, according to Gracia, their shift had ended.

I’m still drying my presejce after reading this book. Burnham hauntingly depicts the alchemical reaction of deep Christian faith, Stockholm Syndrome and the unremitting terror of hostage life. This true story stays with the reader long after the book is finished, and drives us to love one another more.

I knew the story and how it ended and what happened to Gracia’s family.

Like many of us, the jihadists are sincere—even more sincere than most of us—about their worldview. Along the way, most of the hostages are ransomed, some more hostages get captured, several of the hostages manage to escape, and a few unfortunate hostages are killed, either intentionally by the Abu Sayyaf or as innocent victims in gunfights between the Abu Enemids and the Philippine National Army.

Book Review – In The Presence Of My Enemies – Tim Challies

And who could blame her, really? A really inspiring read and plenty of food for thought. This book was captivating and kept me reading hours longer than I should have. She shares in such a real and vulnerable way that it convicts my heart anew. Reviews Latest Reviews By Category. The love and respect for her husband shines through her record of their endurance as hostages.


In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham

For such an intriguing story, this book was quite a bore. Paperbackpages. Enemirs there were if engaging touches thereafter, such as the moment when Gracia and Martin observe a commercial jet passing overhead and wish they could be on that plane, no matter where it’s headed. Aug 09, Allison rated it it was ok. To ask other readers questions about In the Presence of My Enemiesplease sign up. Her husband was killed during the raid by the Armed Forces of the Philippines that fin As we see the increase of Islamic terrorism worldwide, this story needs to be heard more than ever.

In the Presence of My Enemies

As we see the increase of Islamic terrorism worldwide, this story needs to be heard more than ever. In the Presence of My Enemies. Gracia Burnham was also shot, but rescued and treated for a leg wound. I did enjoy reading about an updated Burnham family and they have given so much back to help teach those that caused so much pain in their lives. Just let us go, you ln