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This test specifies a method for the determination of degree of acidity of gases evolved during combustion of the cable specimen by measuring its pH and. INTERNATIONALE IEC INTERNATIONAL STANDARD Deuxième édition. Second edition Essai sur les gaz émis lors de la combustion. Find IEC 1 related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec – a trusted source of IEC 1 information.

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Interchange formats are intended for the exchange of floating-point data using a fixed-length bit-string for a given format. For instance, if binary32 is the largest supported binary format, then a conversion from a decimal external sequence with 12 decimal digits is guaranteed to be correctly rounded when converted to binary32; but conversion of a sequence of 13 decimal digits is not; however the standard recommends that implementations impose no such limit.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The following table summarizes the smallest interchange formats including the basic ones. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is referred to as “preferredWidth” in the standard, and it should be possible to set this on a per block basis.

Note that in the table above, the minimum exponents listed are for normal numbers; the special subnormal number representation allows even smaller numbers to be represented with some loss of precision. So for instance a bit extended precision binary number must have an ’emax’ of at least No other exception handling is required, but additional non-default alternatives are recommended see below.

This rule allows the binary format to have an extra bit of precision.

A conforming implementation must fully implement at least one of the basic formats. The standard provides a predicate totalOrder which defines a total ordering for all floating point data for each format. The binary formats in the original standard are included in the new standard along with three new basic formats, one binary and two decimal.


Ief the decimal formats, any representation is valid, and uec set of these representations is called a cohort. Clause 9 in the standard recommends fifty operations, that language standards should define. Archived from iecc original on These parameters uniquely describe the set of finite numbers 7544-1 of sign, significand, and exponent for the given radix that it can represent.

For an extended format with a precision between two basic formats the exponent range must be as great as that of the next wider basic format.

Kec March 28, Articles with inconsistent citation formats Commons category link is on Wikidata Use dmy dates from January 75-1 The bit format is intended for the exchange or storage of small numbers e. The totalOrder predicate orders all floating point data strictly and totally.

Additionally, operations like quantize when either operand is infinite, or when the result does not fit the destination format, will also signal invalid operation exception. This implicit bit is not stored in memorybut not the sign bit. The Wikibook Floating Point has a page on the topic of: The former is more convenient for direct hardware implementation of the standard, while the latter is more suited to software emulation on a binary computer. The standard defines five exceptions, each of which returns a default value and has ice corresponding status flag that except in certain cases of underflow is raised when the exception occurs.

For numbers with an exponent in the normal range the exponent field being not all ones or all zerosthe leading bit of the significand will always be 1.

The predicate agrees with the normal comparison operations when they say one floating point number is less than another. An IEEE oec is a “set of representations of numerical values and symbols”. By contrast, the previous version of the standard left aspects of the language interface unspecified, which led to inconsistent behavior between compilers, or different optimization levels in a single compiler.


Halogen Acid Gas Emission Test Apparatus – S.S. Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Thus, for instance, a compiler targeting x87 floating-point hardware should have a means of specifying that intermediate calculations must use the double-extended format. Conversion to an external character sequence must be such that conversion back using round to even will recover the original number.

The x87 bit extended format meets this requirement. As of Septemberthe standard is being revised to incorporate clarifications and errata.

The Iev allowed many variations in implementations such as the encoding of some values and the detection of certain exceptions.

The standard specifies extended and extendable precision formats, which are recommended for allowing a greater precision iecc that provided by the basic formats. The operations also include setting and accessing dynamic mode rounding direction, [32] and implementation-defined vector reduction operations such as sum, scaled product, and dot productwhose accuracy is unspecified by the standard.

The standard recommends that languages provide a method of specifying p and emax for each supported base b. The standard does not require an implementation to support extended or extendable precision formats. For the exchange of decimal floating-point numbers, interchange formats of any multiple of 32 bits are defined.

S.S. Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

The encoding scheme for the decimal interchange formats similarly encodes the sign, exponent, and 75-1, but two different bit-level representations are defined. The standard recommends how language standards should specify the semantics of sequences of operations, and points out the subtleties of literal meanings and optimizations that change the value of a result.

The standard requires operations to convert between basic formats and external character sequence formats.