In the late fourth and early fifth centuries of our era, Hypatia of Alexandria was the world’s greatest living mathematician and astronomer. A strikingly beautiful. In the introduction to this book, Michael Deakin expresses surprise that there have been so few full-length treatments of the life and work of. Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr, by Michael A. B. Deakin, , pp., hardcover, ISBN , $ Prometheus Books,

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On account of the self-possession and ease of manner which she had acquired in consequence of the cultivation of her mind, she not infrequently appeared in public in the presence of the magistrates. Deakin’s information is exceptionally factual and perfectly presented. Want to Read saving…. Oct 06, Paula Koneazny rated it it was ok Shelves: Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon …. Mathematician Michael Deakin emphasizes that, alexandriia she was a philosopher, she was first and foremost a mathematician and astronomer of great accomplishment.

Overall, if you are not put of by more scholarly writing this is a good book to understand a little bit about who Hypatia was, and the affect she had on the culture and conditions in which she lived.

This reputation is either built on myth or hearsay as opposed to evidence. Finally, in he published his book and I got to add another resource to my research shelf. Nothing whatsoever is known about Hypatia’s mother, who is never mentioned in any of the extant sources. Hypatia was a female scholar, she did make important mathematical and astronomical discoveries, she held a great deal of influence over important male political figures, and she was murdered at the command of a Christian bishop during a religious war that tore apart the city that had once been the shining beacon of the academic world.


Hypatia – Wikipedia

This isn’t necessarily hypaatia bad book, just be aware before you read. Jul 11, Gabrielle Birkman rated it it was amazing. Watts, Theon was the head of a school called the “Mouseion”, which was named in emulation of the Hellenistic Mouseion[15] whose membership had ceased in the s AD. A bit academic at times, but not bad.

This book serves as a particularly useful reference tool when attempting to understand the view of Hypatia in antiquity and the lack of contemporary accounts kathematician to her life and death. I was hoping for more historical information regarding the circumstances of her murder at the martyd of the early christian church, but again, there i This is a rather scholarly work, so if you’re looking for some sort of detailed history of Hypatia, this isn’t it.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. As English translations of the original writings are difficult to acquire, having excerpts and sometimes full accounts proved interesting and very revealing. Jan 17, Timothy Finucane rated it really liked it. It might seem strange then, that I am completely obsessed with Hypatia, a mathematician who lived over years ago. See 1 question about Hypatia of Alexandria….

In Hypatia martry AlexandriaDeakin does an excellent job of creating a complete picture of this remarkable mathematician for whom the historical records are scarce and incomplete.

Carneades Clitomachus Charmadas Philo of Larissa. Office of the “Ave Maria”, pp. The Byzantine intellectual Photios c.

Socrates Scholasticus presents Hypatia’s murder as entirely politically motivated [] and makes no mention of any role that Hypatia’s paganism might have played in her death. Mathematician, Philosopher, MythLondon, England: But, the content and treatment of the work is such that I’ll be buying this one to keep on my own shelves.

Deakin Snippet view – What we know of her – as an esteemed philosopher, mathematician and astronomer in a time where women had little rights, who has chosen to stay unmarried implicitly to protect these rights – although Michael Deakin certainly does A very succinct and academic book on Hypatia; which, while reliable, loses some of its appeal by not following a narrative, instead choosing to sketch out different sources and focus on the mathematics.


The math alone is very in-depth and academic. Hypatia’s death shocked the empire and transformed her into a ” martyr for philosophy”, leading future Neoplatonists such as Damascius to become increasingly fervent in their opposition to Christianity. Kingsley’s novel was tremendously popular; [] [] it was translated into several European languages [] [] and remained continuously in print for the rest of the century.

Ipazia ovvero Delle filosofie poema di Diodata Saluzzo Roero. Very mathematical, less Hypatia than expected despite so little knowledge of her.

Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr

In the intro he stats that he wanted to write a book about Hypatia and math for the layman, so anyone could have a chance to know about her Ugh, I tried so hard to finish this book, and I only got 3 chapters in.

Oxford University Press, pp. In fact, Deakin rates her as the most accomplished mathematician in the world at This book is probably better than just OK, but that’s my mood at the moment. Michelle rated it liked it Feb 11, Mathematician and Martyr Michael A. She is known to have written a commentary on Diophantus ‘s thirteen-volume Arithmeticawhich may survive in part, having been interpolated into Diophantus’s original text, and another commentary on Apollonius of Perga ‘s treatise on mathematiciah sectionswhich has not survived.

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