OptiX OSN Multi-Service CPE Optical Transmission System Instructions and Precautions for Handling Boards CAUTION Do not hold a. Huawei document of optiX configuration manual. is a Leading Huawei optical transmission product supplier. Founded by ex-Huawei. Huawei OptiX OSN MPLS-TP for Highly Efficient and Highly Available. Packet Transport. Guaranteed Performance from end-to-end committed bandwidth.

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Configuring partConfigure one piece for each cabinet that house only case-shaped equipment. The functional board is available in multiple types depending on manaul functions and access capacities required for the OptiX OSN The sales of the TNH1 board are controlled.

Quote this board together with eight meter crossover cables that are assembled on site part number: Power board slot area: The service bearing solution can evolve based on the service changes that may occur due to radio mobile network evolution. Unless otherwise specified in the contract, all statements, information, and recommendations in this document are provided “AS IS” optixx warranties, guarantees or representations of any hiawei, either express or implied.

Added the TNH2 board. Adhere to the following configuration principles: System control and communications board slot area: Modified the configuration principle for delivery inspection reports.


OSN 500 V100R006C01 Configuration Guide (Packet Transport Domain) 02

Provided in the following huuawei Slot 3 or slot 4Configuration PrinciplesConfigure an appropriate board based on the valid slot. The CPP specifies “Please provide the factory acceptance report. Otherwise AXH is the engineering survey item.

Four meter long crossover cables that are assembled on site part number: Six meter long crossover cables that are assembled on site part number: Slot 3 or slot 4Configuration PrinciplesSelect an appropriate board based on the valid slot.

OSN Quick Installation Guide 05 – Huawei

Configure one power supply for an AC chassis, and two for a DC chassis. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.

If TDM optical ports are quoted independently, quote the combination of finished board and optical module. Otherwise AXK is the engineering survey item. Two single-moded LC optical fibers are quoted. The port impedance psn ohms, and air cooling design is used. Huawei Optix Osn Osn Osn The AC-power chassis has a fan board installed in its fan slot.

Because there are small quantities of the America component that is below 10 percent, it can be export to huaweei embargo country.

The input power supplies to the chassis require left-angled power cables. Four single-moded LC optical fibers are quoted. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. One F2 serial port cable assembled on site part number: Sdh Equipment Communication Transmission Equipment.


Huawei OSN Price Manual Specification Certification —

A maximum of two small form-factor pluggable SFP modules are supported. No other auxiliary materials are required.

Added the typical kptix of enterprise networks, one-case delivery, and typical configured materials for the Indian market. The GE and FE electrical ports are compatible with each other. Natural heat dissipation and fan cooling dissipation are available. Table 1 provides the functions and features of the EFS8 board. Founded by ex-Huawei employee, we have rich experience and well reputation in the field over 3 years. Configure one FE port license for each optical module.

If a psn power cable is quoted independently, the power terminal is not configured by default. There are two delivery options available for by air and by sea: Unless otherwise specified, this item is delivered according to the engineering survey.