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Information in this manual is subject to change without notice. Garmin reserves the right to change or improve its products and to make changes in the content without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes. Visit the Garmin Web site www.

Garmin 101 Owner’s Manual

Thank you for choosing the Garmin Foretrex The Quick Start Guide describes the process of navigating garmjn Main Pages and the Option Menus, along with some basic unit operations to familiarize foretrrx with your new Foretrex right out of the box. Care Information Cleaning the Unit and Wrist Strap The Foretrex is constructed of high quality materials and does not require user maintenance other than cleaning.

Clean the unit using a cloth dampened with a mild de- tergent solution and then wipe dry. Avoid chemical cleaners and solvents that may damage plastic components. In addition, the Foretrex boasts a For best perfor- mance, wear the Foretrex like a watch, with the top face of the unit oriented towards the sky.

Garmin Foretrex 101 User Manual

A strap extension provides additional length and easily attaches to the existing strap. To remove the wrist strap from the Foretrex Place your Foretrex on a cloth or soft surface to avoid scratching the harmin.

foretrrx Installing Batteries The Foretrex operates on two AAA alkaline batteries not includedwhich are placed in manaul back of the unit.

Satellite Page Turning on the Foretrex After you have placed the batteries in the Foretrexit is ready for use. Switching Between the Main Pages Adjusting the Backlighting and Contrast If the lighting conditions make it hard for you to see the screen, adjust the contrast or turn on the backlight. You varmin also make manua, adjustments through the Main Menu Page.

To use the backlight: Waypoint names and symbols are also shown on the map. Press when this is highlighted to adjust the map settings including: When you are moving with no particular destination in mind, the Navigation Page shows foreyrex your moving direction and speed. The Trip Computer displays information about your trip, such as your maximum speed and trip odometer. You must access the Main Menu and enable the Timer Page before you can display and use it.

To enable the Timer Page: Using the Timer Page After the Timer Page is enabled and a count down time is entered, you can use the timer for a variety of applications, such as running and sailboat racing.

The synchronization and quick reset capabilities make the Foretrex an extremely handy timer. To stop and start the timer: Waypoints Menu Page The Waypoints Menu Page provides access to your waypoints and allows you to delete and create waypoints. To open the Waypoints Menu Page: From the Main Menu Page, use the 2.


To create a waypoint: Nearest Waypoints Page 3. Entering a known location, then saving it as a Waypoint, works well for geocaching. To change the elevation: To start a Goto from the Review Waypoint Page: On the Review Waypoint Page, press the 2.

You can also change the waypoint name, symbol, manuap elevation on this page. A graphic display of the moon phase is also displayed. You may view Sun and Moon information for any date. The Foretrex uses this fofetrex to allow you to navigate using the saved track.

Garmin Foretrex GPS [IAmNotA HomePage]

For the best results, clear the track log before you start traveling because when the track log is full, the new track nanual overwrite the oldest track points. Tracks Menu Page Navigate: Select to begin navigation from the begin- ning point or the end point. The Foretrex stores 20 routes, each with up to waypoints. The Routes Menu Page provides access to your routes and allows you to delete and create routes.

You can then access each route displayed in foreteex own individual Route Page. From the Route Page you can edit the route, delete the route, and follow the route. This is especially helpful after a vacation where the stored routes no longer apply to your location.

You can also delete points within the route. Foretrex to begin guiding you to that waypoint.

Garmin Foretrex User Manual – Page 1 of 72 |

mnual For example, if you enter feet, the Foretrex will begin guiding you to the next waypoint the next leg of the route when you are within a feet radius of that point.

You can add waypoints at any point along the route. You can also remove waypoints from the route. To insert a waypoint in the route: With the Route Page displaying, use the you would like to enter the new waypoint before. Garmon Map Page displays your movement, the route line, and waypoints on the route.

The Navigation Page shows the direction you need to travel using the pointer in the compass.

Using the Setup Menu The Setup Menu allows you to setup several aspects of the Foretrexsuch as the timer, display, interface, and system. You must access the Setup Menu and then select one of the options in the Setup Menu to access the individual Setup Pages.

The Setup Menu contains the following pages: Main Menu Pages Setup Menu: For example, if you are in a race that has a two-minute gaemin before the start, program your Foretrex to count down from two minutes. To set the expired action: When you select hour time formatting, the clock will read like a standard clock with hour AM and hour PM cycles.

The hour option sets foretgex Foretrex to display a hour cycle Military Time. To change the time format: To change the light timeout: Using the Foretrex with a paper map increases the navigation power of each. To use a map in conjunction with the Foretrexyou must select the position format, map datum, map units, and north reference set in the Set Heading Page to match the map. Every map uses a map datum which is usually listed in the title block of the map.


You should only change the datum if you are using maps or charts that specify foretex different datum.

Select the unit of measurement for angles to display in. Owner Information and reset the unit to the defaults. Refer to the following page. The temperature rating for the Foretrex may exceed the usable range of some batteries. Alkaline batteries can rupture at high temperatures. Extensive use of screen backlighting may reduce battery life. Bearing—The direction from your current location to a destination. Data Field Options Course—The direction from your starting location to a destination. Elevation—The altitude height above or below sea level.

Final Dest Destination —The last waypoint on your route. Next ETE—The estimated time elapsed until you reach the next waypoint on the route.

Data Field Options Odometer—A running tally of distance travelled, based upon the distance between second- by-second position readings. Operation of this device is subject to the following conditions: Software are valuable trade secrets of Garmin and that the Software in source code form remains a valuable trade secret of Garmin.

You agree not to decompile, disassemble, modify, reverse assemble, reverse engineer or reduce to human readable form the Software or any part thereof or create any derivative works based on the Soft- ware. This Garmin product is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Within this period, Garmin will at its sole option repair or replace any components that fail in normal use.

Such repairs or replacement will be made at no charge to the customer for parts or labor, provided that the customer shall be responsible for any transportation cost. Garmin dealer for repairs. The Foretrex is sealed shut. Any attempt to open the case to change or modify the unit in any way will void your warranty and may result in permanent damage to the equip Do not mount the Foretrex over airbag panels For the latest free software updates excluding map data throughout the life of your Garmin products, visit the Garmin Web site at www.

Also See for Owner’s manual – 52 pages Quick start manual – 2 pages. Page of 72 Go. Set Display Page 53 – Setup Menu: Page 56 – Setup Menu: