Every Little Thing in the World. Nina de Gramont, Author. S&S/Atheneum $ (p) ISBN I wish I could say that about Nina de Gramont’s book, Every Little Thing in the World, but I can’t. This book, about a teenage girl dealing with her. Every Little Thing in the World. Deborah Stevenson. de Gramont, Nina. Every Little Thing in the World. Atheneum, [p]. ISBN $

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So, though this title contains a lot of what we see in teen lit — especially the thlng, trouble-making teen — read this one for the writing and for the character of Sydney.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Return to Book Page. After reading some of the reviews of Every Little Thing I would like to first say that Nina De Gramont can receive my humble apology whenever she would littlee.

Sydney’s complex relationships with her single mother and idealistic but distant father are authentic and poignant. Yes, this is another teen pregnancy dilemma novel with plenty of corniness, but I enjoyed the Canadian summer canoe adventure.

If I could, I would give it 4. The girls store their used tampons in paper bags. Sydney is a well-developed character–one who I don’t agree with–but strong nevertheless.

Every Little Thing in the World tells the story of year-old Sydney’s deteriorating relationship with her divorced relationship and accidental pregnancy. There’s talk of learning the J-stroke, as though that were the only stroke in canoeing. Mick is frightening and obnoxious, yet capable of genuine support for Sydney, and, whether she likes it or not, he matters to her. Jun 10, Kaylila rated it it was ok.


As in Sydney’s case, it would have been better to avoid the causation altogether.

The only problem is that Sydney is pregnant, and she needs to decide whether she wants an abortion or not within a very short period of time. So often, the issue is avoided ala Party of Five with Julia’s miscarriage, or by having the character find the right adoption litlte.

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Every Little Thing in the World « Nina de Gramont

The bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made Found in Psalms. Surprisingly, I adored this book. But in a way, I couldn’t stand it. Sid almost drowns because her camp counselors encourage her to slide down a stream leading to a waterfall without a PFD.

Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont

Once she had had the abortion, although I still believed it to be wrong, she seemed to really, really truly mature by that point. And did it all have to be made to look attractive and inviting? Over the course of the summer, Sydney must decide what to do about the baby, whether it means losing her best friend or her future. There were many more philosophical thoughts and evaluations of life that weren’t present in live-for-the-moment times earlier.

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Overall a really great book with a nice ending. Accompanied by her best friend, Natalia, who’s discovered her own recent family secret Natalia herself was the child of a teen pregnancy, born to the woman she’d been raised to consider her sisterSydney begins to shed her littlf [End Page ] self and find a new Sydney—who still faces the same dilemma as the old. Early on, Sid says she liked canoeing until she discovered beer and boys. But after the car is reported stolen and police bring the girls home, their parents send them away to wilderne A teenager.


Her father sends her up north to Canada so she can join a canoeing camp that will help her learn something new and be away from the technological world today. Sydney’s situation is one that looms over many readers, and they’ll both be moved by her experience and enlightened by her reflections as she struggles to make a decision.

Mar 02, Morgan F rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt none of grzmont things here. The lessons in self sufficiency and survival should help her learn to be more responsible and think through her actions.

So guys, definitely worth the read either way. There were times when she thought she would keep it, and there were times when she thought she would abort it I thought this was a really great book. The interaction between Sydney and everyone else is fantastic, like a well-balanced meal that is nutritious and delicious at the same time. Every little thing counts, every decision changes our path, and we just have to keep moving forward. Since she was at a wilderness camp, although her portions were already pretty scarce, she wouldn’t even eat around the end of the bookand was totally doing things that would harm the baby.

I suspect that some of these issues are more because Lkttle am well past my teen years.