Ethmalosa fimbriata. Citation. Entsua-Mensah, M., Lalèyè, P. & Moelants, T. . Ethmalosa fimbriata. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species e. Descriptions and articles about the Bonga Shad, scientifically known as Ethmalosa fimbriata in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehensive Des. SpeciesEthmalosa fimbriataBonga. ADW Pocket Guides on the iOS App Store! The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket Guides!.

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Alosa species do not overlap E.

An annotated and illustrated catalogue of the herrings, sardines, pilchards, sprats, shads, anchovies and wolf-herrings. As a consequence, the species may be a good bio-indicator of coastal water quality, by way of its L 50 and catch rate. Abundance and diversity of macroinvertebrates and fish in the Tamiraparini River, South India. Several studies have demonstrated the impact of increasing pollution on the environment itself, as well as on benthic macrofauna, heterotrophic bacteria, phytoplankton, and primary production Pages et al.

Appropriate biological indicators of ecosystem health are therefore needed to protect and, where necessary, restore natural environments, as recommended by, inter aliathe FAO It may also be caught by gill nets. Ethmalosa Regan During part of andfish were captured every second month in Sud Boulay Bay nine sampling trips and monthly in Cocody Bay 16 tripsusing a purse-seine m long and 18 m high, with a square mesh of 14 mm. Bataillon, Montpellier Cedex 5, France.

It is a virtually closed system that opens on its western side into the main lagoon through a very narrow channel. Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Additional Information Encyclopedia of Life. In waters adjacent to urban areas, E.

Ethmalosa fimbriata, Bonga shad : fisheries, aquaculture

In Sud Boulay Bay, of females and of the males were at that stage of maturity. Differences in L 50 were of the same magnitude, 10, Of the E. However, in ethmaloa unpolluted Sud Boulay Bay, other species can be more abundant, increasing the inter-species competition for food and habitat. Another hypothesis is that the environment, and specifically the pollution, triggers the adaptive response. The three bays are described in more detail by Chantraine and Dufour fimbriataa Durand et al.


With an average depth of 4.

This graphic method evaluates the indices that best characterize change in community structure, and it permits fimbriqta of the fish communities of Sud Boulay and Cocody Bays using seven common sampling dates in or Eutrophication of a western Australian estuary.

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Please see our brief essay. To analyse the structure of the fish community, a diversity fimbriafa DIMO model was applied Qinghong, Catch per unit effort of E.

Human uses

Studies fimbrkata larvae, growth, and migratory behaviour have been documented Scheffers et al. Ethmalosa fimbriata is found in coastal and estuarine regions, and sometimes also in lower courses of coastal rivers, even more than km up rivers Ref.

The three bays, all with similar relative environmental conditions Durand et al. In the Ebrie Lagoon, it is flmbriata most abundant fish species by both number and biomass, and it is heavily exploited by a small-scale fishery Durand et al.

The total catch reported for this species to FAO for was t. Rapid demographic growth in the city of Abidjan and associated burgeoning industrial activity are responsible for the increase in urban and industrial discharges into the Ebrie Lagoon, the Ivory Coast’s largest lagoon.

ADW: Ethmalosa fimbriata: CLASSIFICATION

In 11 of the 16 samples, E. Chemical pollution, mainly hydrocarbons, organochlorides, and heavy metals, fimbriatz derived from agricultural and industrial activity in the adjacent watershed. Ethmalosa fimbriatathe bonga shad or just bongais a shada clupeid fish, that occurs along the coasts and in brackish water fibriata coastal lagoons, rivers and lakes of western Africa from Dakhla in Western Sahara to Lobito in Angola.


Although significant research effort has been directed towards studies of the fish community Daget and Durand, ; Durand et al. Observations within the Ebrie Lagoon have revealed that the species spawns and spends its first year of life inside the lagoon, before migrating offshore during its second year Gerlotto, ; Charles-Dominique, Class Actinopterygii ray-finned fishes.

The only permanent connection with the sea is through the Vridi Canal, a channel m wide and 15 m deep constructed during the s. Each sampling trip consisted of five hauls.

Different L 50 s could mean that populations evolved separately, as suggested by Albaret and Charles-Dominique Further, differences between male and female L 50 decreased also 10, Smoke-drying of fish is essentially a drying process to preserve the product in the absence of refrigeration. FAO Species catalogue Vol. Spawns in the sea, in estuaries and in rivers. Bonga is caught by inshore small-scale fi,briata using seine fishing from a boat or by beach seine.

Over a longer period than studied for this analysis, the trend in catch rates is the same Table 1. A model for species diversity monitoring at community level and its application. The stage of maturity was determined macroscopically from the gonads, following the methods and descriptions of Fontana Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ethmalosa fimbriatag.

Females were always slightly larger than males, indicating that females grow a little faster.