He will find allies in the city’s last survivors, and a nemesis in a man who wants to harness the force driving the zombies-a man who seeks to build an empire of. A zombie series by author David Dunwoody. DD: Your novel MERCY was an incredibly emotional and visceral tale. What’s the backstory? TFD: I thank you for . EMPIRE: A ZOMBIE NOVEL. Written by David Dunwoody Published by Permuted Press Publication Date: Format: B&W – pages.

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It’s been a hopeless battle from the beginning. But in this book they’re all super zombies who can think, kind of reason, use tools, guns, and even talk a little though the talking ones are the domesticated ones.

I did find the story itself interesting in that Death was taking an active role in the apocalypse. I don’t mind the majority of the characters, or even the fact that Death himself is riding around slicing up zombies with a special undead-killing scythe, but I really couldn’t stand Baron Tetch. Novrl has plenty of suspense, action, gore, and mystery.

The undead circus and the Omega could have been fleshed out more, and other elements like the British plane, This book was better than the first. Refresh and try again. Like the original Empire, Empire’s End veers off into too many directions.

This had so much potential.

Empire’s End by David Dunwoody

During the profusion of low-budget horror films that was the late 70’s came a film called “Death Bed: Anyway, I’m rambling ozmbie bit. Other books in the series. Jan 05, Degeorgetown rated it did not like it. I own both editions of Empire. The best parts were of course when Zmbie showed up, but it wasn’t often. Most fearsome of all is the “King of the Dead.


Death, who has taken on the human name of Adam, is searching for Lily while he is being pursued by an undead vessel known as the Omega. Dunwoody builds his characters because at any moment ANY character can be caught and ravaged by the army of zombies, this does add to the panic and desperation the characters feel. A century has passed since the plague that released the zombie plague enpire mankind swept the world.

Empire’s End

Usually that means details in the stories get mixed up with each other. This brings me to my personal favorite part of any horror story… the baddies. A few times I had them confused and some characters were no more than the sum of their name.

This surprised me a bit considering he prominently features on the covers of both versions. A deadly virus that spreads like wild fire toppling great cities like New York in its path, as the walking dead begin to out number the living. Jessica rated it really liked it Sep 21, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Stay up the great paintings! There is Sawbones, a twin blade wielding dog skull wearing zombie that empore and bags warm bloods that enter empier close. I will admit, when I first started reading the book I couldn’t get into it. If done well, it would have been an awesome look at how the zombie apocolypse affected their faith Those that choose to stay include a cop novwl wants to protect those who have decided to stay, a rock group that has traveled the country trying to offer a bit of a distraction from the plague for the troops and citizens who struggle onward, a man who believes he understands the true power behind the source and wants to tap into it for his own evil purposes, and a dark visitor, the grim reaper, who wants to put a stop to the undead who have defied his scythe for far too long.


Not my kind of thing, and frankly, the blurb on the back doesn’t match the book. The outbreak began in It spent more time with Death a.

I like it and I’m adding it to my collection. Nov 20, Elizabeth Bennett rated it it was zombe. View all 3 comments.

Almost every character you meet has been born since the plague began and Mr. All in all, Empire is a great read and quite an impressive entry in the zombie genre. A mad genius communing with old world powers that ooze out of the swamp close to where he lives, he cuts a disturbing figure of man who wishes to control the dead and create his own empire where he stands supreme above them.