Support – MDX Owner’s Manuals. MDX. Owner’s Manuals. [English] M- 10DX Owner’s Manual · [Español] MDX Owner’s Manual · Owner’s Manual. your retailer, the nearest Roland Service Center, or an authorized Roland The MDX is a bit, 96 kHz full-digital channel mixer. It delivers high audio. View and Download Edirol MDX owner’s manual online. 10 Channel Digital Mixer. MDX Music Mixer pdf manual download.

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You can use the M16DX as a multi-channel a u d i o i nte r f a ce t h at supports both Windows j-10dx Macintosh systems. They can be used as effect sends connected to external effect manuwl. Computerless Mixing music and audio for video without a computer Mobile recording system The MMX is a handy tool for outdoor recording or when mixing audio for video. Raise the AUX send for both and send the AUX send to the monitor headphones or amp so that the drummer can play to both the click and the backing.

Operation is simple and does not require specialized knowledge, making it a flexible solution for a variety of needs ranging from PC-less audio editing to a submixer for a DAW recording system.

Basic use Example 3 Editing sound for video fig. At the touch of a single button, this function performs the following operations: Please be aware that even under the same conditions, differences in the operating environment edirool produce differences in processing capability.

The final-mixed sound edirkl the main output can then be recorded directly into your DAW software as a live recording.

This effect simulates the acoustic ambience of a real-world room or concert hall. Main specifications Room Acoustic M-110dx built-in microphone Finalize: Before using this unit, carefully read the sections entitled: However, recording the sound without the effect applied will make it easier at later stages of the mixing process. If you fail to disconnect Battery the mic, nanual feedback loop may occur, possibly damaging your speakers. Full-digital bit 96 kHz processing far exceeds CD quality.

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All trademarks are the property of their respective companies. When the unit is grounded, a slight hum may occur, depending on the particulars of your installation. Adjusting the brightness of the backlight LCD Backlight Basic procedure You can adjust the brightness of the display backlight.


Room Acoustic Auto Control — new technology that automatically compensates for the acoustic character of your home studio New intelligent functions born from an uncompromising attitude toward sound Most speakers have certain idiosyncrasies that are unique to that model of speaker.

An all-in-one model with excellent mobility. The MDX has four buses: Simple and easy to use. The much greater bit depth and sampling rate mean that you can apply effect processing and adjust the balance without impairing the quality of the input sound or introducing noise. Phantompowered channels 1—4 provide high-quality mic preamps, so you can make serious recordings with professional mics.

Take advantage of the vocal effects! This allows you to use not only dynamic mics but also condenser mics to create high-quality mic recordings. If you eedirol in a playback environment that is not flat, there will be changes to the sound caused by irregularities in the acoustics of the room.

If you want to improve the definition of a vocal, erirol can give the voice more body by using the MID EQ to apply a wide low Q boost at 1 kHz, while cutting the sound below Hz to eliminate muddiness. Adjusting the compensated result to create the desired response: OffThese figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use. Three bands of analog-like EQ for quickly getting the sound you want Each channel provides three-band EQ to adjust its sound.

Optical type, Coaxial type, Headphone Jack: Since it provides five stereo inputs, you editol connect your familiar video or audio device and microphones, and then connect the main output directly to your HDD or DVD recorder to mix background music and narration without needing to use a computer. Even if you have two sounds that you want to be heard in the center, panning one of them slightly away from the center will still create a sense of differentiation while giving the impression that they eedirol both still in the center.


The results of your adjustments are saved even when the power is turned off, and can be recalled at any time.

Edirol M-10DX Owner’s Manual

This is where you can take advantage of the Scene feature. Example 1 Simple PA fig. This will automatically measure the acoustic response of your private studio and apply compensation to the speaker sound that instantly allows you to obtain a flat mixing environment. This can be used to connect an MP3 player or other portable audio player so you can mix your favorite music with your own performance.

Page 6 When the unit is grounded, a slight hum may occur, depending on the particulars of your installation. You can enjoy highquality sound by connecting this directly to a set of monitor speakers that accepts a digital input, or use the MMX to expand the inputs of your audio interface.

Completely digital From audio input to audio output, all processing is fully digital, with bit 96 kHz support for ultra-high quality.

Edirol M-10DX Manuals

Experience the enjoyment of mixing with the kind of sparkling fidelity available only with a digital mixer. In addition, avoid mixing different types Center, or an authorized Roland m-10d, as of batteries. Advanced use Editing the effect settings fig. These m-01dx provide important information concerning the proper operation of the unit.

You can take advantage of its mobility not only for recording, but also for using it as a sub-mixer in live stage performances. Enter text from picture: Since the pre-fader signal is not affected by pan or channel level, it is often used when sending the signal to a multi-track recorder or to the stage monitors.