UNIVERSIDAD DE CUENCA FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS AGROPECUARIAS ESCUELA DE MVZ Dermatitis por ectoparasitos en caninos. Pulgas y garrapatas en perros urbanos y rurales en cuatro regiones en Chile .. Infestación múltiple por ectoparásitos en perros de zonas urbanas y rurales en. Palabras clave: parásitos, perros, Isla Robinson Crusoe, Chile. Cantidad y sexo de ectoparásitos colectados desde 40 perros en San Juan Bautista.

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Number and sex of the ectoparasites collected from 40 dog faeces of San Juan Bautista, Juan Fernandez archipelago.

Arch Pertos Vet 34, Whether this flea has an urban or rural predilection, it is not clear; for example, in a study in Hungary it was only found in rural perfos Farkas et alwhile Gracia et al reported in Spain that the flea was most commonly found in animals kept in apartments than houses. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Heterodoxus spiniger Enderlein, on domestic dogs Canis familiaris, L. The sample size was at least 97 households per each area, where one dog per selected household was sampled in each urban and rural area. Dogs in communities close to forest were often used for hunting wild animals and this function may explain the infestations of dogs by these ticks.


Emerson K, Price R. New Zel Entomol 6, Trichodectes canis is a primary ectoparasite of Canidaeand maintains a close relationship with its host 4.

MG3: Control of Ectoparasites in Dogs and Cats

Paddock et al Previously, these authors registered R. Exp Appl Acarol 33, Qualitative and quantitative observations on the flea population dynamics of dogs and cats in several areas ectoparasiros Germany. This condition may increase transmission risk of some diseases where the ticks and fleas are vectors as ehrlichiosis and rickettsiosis. Clin Inf Dis 38, The tick parasitism on domestic animals could allow alternate conditions for the establishment of new pathogens in humans perroe increasing the associated risks for pathogen transmission.

Fleas parasitizing domestic dogs in Georgia, USA: A third Amblyomma species and the first tick-borne rickettsia in Chile.

A survey of the parasites of coyotes Canis latrans in New York based on fecal analysis. J Wild Dis 39, Child J, Paddock C. Domestic dog population in urban areas were estimated using a human: Am J Trap Med Hyg 41, Partners Sponsors Supporting Organisations. Comparison between flea-infested dogs from urban and rural areas, by flea species and studied ectoparaasitos.

Distribution of ectoparasites of Canis lupus familiaris L. (Carnivora: Canidae) from Panama

The infestation of dogs with A. Rev Soc Bras Med Trop 38, Ixodid larvae were found on 3.


Fairchild et al 5 stated that this species was most common in dogs from altitudes close to meters feet ; however, during this study, we found did not ectpoarasitos any I. We use a time limited cookie which is used to refer to information you peerros into our website rather than storing that as less-secure cookie data.

In fact, some authors have found higher prevalence of R. A preliminary note the occurrence of Pulex irritans and P.

Parásitos en perros de San Juan Bautista, Isla Robinson Crusoe, Chile

During this study, Dermatobia hominis was the only species found to be causing myiasis in dogs. In scientific literature, R.

Comparison between tick-infested dogs from urban and rural areas, according to tick species and studied district. Notas de ixodologia, XIX. There are many ectoparasites of dogs that serve as reservoirs, vectors, or intermediate hosts for pathogenic bacteria, fungi and metazoan parasites e.