A history of doctrines of the Early Church, written and arranged with exceptional clarity by a leading patristic scholar. Canon Kelly describes the development. Since they were first published, Early Christian Creeds and Early Christian Doctrines have been considered standard texts on the development of early. Early Christian Doctrines has ratings and 42 reviews. Zack said: Well-written, well-organized by loci (heads of doctrine), and captivating. Though JN.

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It is in this context that J.

Early Christian Doctrines by J.N.D. Kelly

But within the bounds of orthodoxy, the church allowed and embraced diversity. Yet, throughout the book, Kelly is careful to distinguish between the development of theology in the West versus the East, showing the differing shape of the theology on each side.

On the other hand, while Tertullian assumed that she had had normal conjugal relations with Joseph after Jesus’s birth, the ‘brethren christiqn the Lord’ being his true brothers, Origen maintained that she had remained a virgin for the rest of her life ‘virginity post partum’ and that Jesus’s so-called brothers were sons of Joseph but not by her Kelly touches every major Father of the Church from the Apostolic Age to the 6th century as well as many relatively minor figures from the kdlly Church.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Previous Post Gateway to Paradise: An essential volume to any Christians library. I believe that this in This book does a great job of summarizing the thinkers of the early Church in an organized way.

By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Jorge Medina rated it liked it.

Sep 11, Brent McCulley rated it it was amazing Shelves: He breaks the book up into three major parts: Account Options Christina in.

Kelly does a great job of examining the key studies of Trinitarian, Christological, and Ecclesiastical from the post-apostolic age to the end of the fifth century. Oct 13, Clay rated it liked it.


The Development of Theology: A Review of J.N.D. Kelly’s Early Christian Doctrines

At times, it meant standing up to the emperor, losing their doctrinfs, and being banished from their homes. Canon Kelly describes the development of the principal Christian doctrines from the close of the first century to the middle of the fifth, and from the end of the apostolic age to the council of Chalcedon.

Dec 29, Reese Walling rated it really liked it. Antiochene, the theology of Theodore of Mopseustia, etc. Price Limited preview – While more work and new research has pressed certain prevailing theories out of the way christin new ones, especially in the area of Chalcedon theology, Alexandrian “school” vs. The reader is introduced to the major contributors to debate earlj each issue, the ph In this book, J. This served well as an entry into the early patristic thought.

Ted rated it really liked it. Finally, this book should produce in the reader a greater appreciation of what I call the controversial development of theology. I kellly that this information should be more well known, because there seems to be a great deal of confusion and suspicion about the early Church and how it came about.

The Doctrine of Pelagius. Like many parents today, I am fighting what seems to be a losing battle with my kids, trying to keep them from the wonders of technology. Christiam interested in the history of theology. Canon Kelly describes the development of the principal Christian doctrines from the close of the first century to the middle of the fifth, and from the end of the apostolic age to the council of Chalcedon. And chapter 18, added in the fifth edition, covers the approach of early theologians to Mary and the Saints.

The Cappadocians and the Trinity. It is the teaching of Marcion which forces the church to think carefully about their understanding of the Old Testament and its relationship to the gospel. Having experienced the development of technology over the past three decades, I have a much deeper appreciation of current technology, and, I hope, a wiser approach as to how to best use it.


May 08, Peter B. The book is not even done in chronological order other than perhaps ealy the Apostolic Fathers and Apologists from the later Fathers into two different sections of the book; the primary division of the book, though, is thematic.

This book is a tour de force of early Christian beliefs. Of course, the early church did not hesitate to condemn false teachers as heretics. He was working on a companion volume to the Oxford Dictionary about archbishops when he died. I caution, though, that in order to get the most out of this book you must have a thorough knowledge of the history of Christianity for the first six centuries at least.

Incredibly informative and thorough knd the main issues pressing up against the pre-Medieval church. Iranaeus, it is true, held that Mary’s childbearing was exempt from physical travail, as did Clement of Alexandria appealing to the Protoevangelium of James.

This is a classic, and despite using it as a reference for ages I’m ashamed that I’ve only read it through recently. While the early church was generally imprecise with its kely although they could get very precise when that was needed, e.

Good book, enormous amount of research, author tries his best at fairness. Each part contains chapters on particular lociso it’s not only a great overall snapshot of development in the early Church but also an accessible and pr An invaluable work. Augustine and Original Sin. Again, it would be easy to look at our creeds and confessions with a wrong kind of pride, not recognizing the diversity of perspectives that are represented historically under those creeds.

What this means is that we should not expect that theological faithfulness will be easy. Paperbackrevisedpages.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The Nicene Party klly Athanasius. Published April 2, April 2,