This is the DENX U-Boot and Linux Guide to Embedded PowerPC, ARM and MIPS Systems. The document describes how to configure, build. This manual is excerpted from the Denx UBOOT manual as . when booting a Linux kernel,’arg’ can be the address of an initrd image. Digi may make improvements and/or changes in this manual or in the product(s) and/or the program(s) Features of U-Boot. DULG/Manual. Features of . This command works only for Linux kernel images.

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Root File System on a Flash Card 9. Dynamically Loaded Device Drivers Modules Conflicts with asm clobber list Erasing Flash Fails Hush shell scripts Relocation cannot be done when using -mrelocatable A bank of memory flash or RAM consists of all those memory chips on your system that are controlled by the same chip select signal.

Before You Begin 5. Give me more feedback and I will add more stuff here. Remember that Linux by default supports only ramdisks up to a size of 4 MB. Flash Memory Commands 5. Linux Kernel Ignores my bootargs This whole operation is based on the assumption that your boot loader does not overwrite the RAM contents – U-Boot will take care not to destroy such valuable information.


BDI Configuration file Erasing Flash Fails Especially during development it is often eaiser to unpack it, modify it, and re-pack it again.

For PowerPC systems, there are two commonly used options:. Download and Unpack the Linux Kernel Sources 6. Configuring the “cu” command 4. Installation on Local Harddisk A lower performance version of the SCCs with more limited functionality, particularly useful for serial debug ports and low throughput serial protocols. The virtual address usually guie to the end of the kernel virtual address of the system memory.

U-Boot Usage – Texas Instruments Wiki

Ethernet does not work in Linux Ethernet does not work in Linux U-Boot Scripting Capabilities 5. Installation using U-Boot 5. How can I load and uncompress a compressed image Building and Using Modules 9.

You can set guidr “locally administered” bit to make your own MAC address no guarantee of uniqueness, but pretty good odds if you don’t do something dumb. The switch sends traffic to your board while your board is transmitting Ethernet Does Not Work Hush shell scripts How can I check if Floating Point support is working? Remote ‘g’ packet reply is too long Boot Count Limit 6.


My standalone program does not work Debugging of U-Boot Before Relocation Running on core other than core 0 5.

Loopback interface does not work Root File System Selection 9. CVS is a version control system; it can be used to record the history of files, so that it is for instance possible to retrieve specific versions of a source tree.

Mastering Embedded Linux Programming by Chris Simmonds

In just about the size of a credit card they provide functions like LAN cards including wireless LANmodems, ISDN cards, or hard disk drives – often “solid-state” disks based on flash chips. Unable to open an initial console If the poll isn’t happening or has a bug, you have problems like described above.

Internationalization And Character Sets Enable SSH Access When I use tftp, there are some problems.