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Articles written school,paper, Chapter newsletter, etc.

Make a special effort to have the Chapter history printed in local newspapers, and try to list names of Senior DeMolayswho are now prominent citizens in the community. Progressive game parties, theater parties, skating parties and beach parties are also popular. Hold a prospect party to recruit help for the Adult Leadership Team. In every endeavor, from athletic events, to committee involvement, to civic activities, you’ll be encolll’8pd rewource participate – to share in the mllof a project’s success, as well as the character-building experience of discovering how something could have been done better.

At the same time, you and other young men inyour Chapter must be allowed to make mistakes, so that you can learn together.

Attendance at a Leadership Training Conference is highly recommended. Communicates conferencedates to the members. The first three are elected by the Chapter members for a term, usually six months, as stated in the Chapter’s bylaws. Many Scribes are maintaining minutes on computer diskette for compact storage and record keeping. However, knowing when reports are due, and ifthey have been submitted, is just as important as the other duties of the Master Councilor.


The Scribe must be sure to complete the transfer or affiliation by reporting it to the Supreme Council on a Form 10 as a status change. Hold a party to bring the parents of all members together informally.

These can either be a printed card, a personal letter or a phone call. He should be cheerful, fair, sympathetic and democratic in carrying out his job.

Offer aid in civic or charitable services being conducted by Masons, like a contribution to the Masonic Home. Since each officeis resurce position of responsibility, absence by any officerfrom three consecutive Chapter meetings, without being excused by the Chairman of the Advisory Council, may result in that officer’s dismissal.

The followingcommittees are recommended for every Chapter. When a Senior DeMolaysends his regrets, read his letter to those in attendance if appropriate.

lrg – DeMolay International

The Master Councilor should work with his Advisors to assign responsibilities to each of these officers. At the same time, the Master Councilor must be fum in his requirements and be prepared to replace committee members if they are not reporting in a timely manner.

Maintain a cooperative relationship with all Advisors. In addition, staff lexder maintain information on DeMolay Chapter activities and keep the names, addresses and membership records on every DeMolay.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide

Encourage your participation in meetings and. Local Alumni Associations assist Chapters and reinforce the concept that membership in DeMolay is a lifetime opportunity. Send special invitations to sponsoring body officers and members to attend Chapter meetings and other functions including dances, Chevalier edmolay, etc.


These appointed officers are: The Master Councilor is an ex officio member of all committees, but he should let each one do its job and not try to take on the work himself. He is the top-ranking youth leader of the Chapter. The Monitor contains the followingceremonies: The Master Councilor must always strive for excellence. Educational Day On Educational Day; a reosurce convenient to the Chapter, it’s the duty of each Chapter to arrange a program emphasizing the value of an education, and the fact that we see the public schools as a particular bulwark of our Wiberty.

Establish and lewder new friendships among DeMolays from different jurisdictions, and Have fun!!! Visiting an officeor a collegecampus.

Speech Club activities include youth speakers’ bureaus, debate groups, and oratorical contests. The program might include a welcome by the Master Councilor, comments by the Chapter Advisor or a member of the Advisory Council, and a presentation of merit bars or other awards.