Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Gerrold, a Nebula and Hugo Award winner, The Martian Child: A Novel About A Single Father Adopting A Son – Kindle edition by David Gerrold. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. The Martian Child has ratings and reviews. Bobby said: David Gerrold calls his book a novel. I would like to suggest that he wrote a memoir ins. What happens when a science fiction writer adopts a little boy who says he’s from Mars? Prepare to be enchanted. David Gerrold’s bittersweet memoir of his.

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I’ve actually been looking forward to seeing this story. And I love knowing the “story behind the story. The Bee’s review was dismal, but I went anyway, and I agree with you. I did cry when the dog died.

The Martian Child – Wikipedia

Too soon after we lost our Sailor! I LOVE this movie!!! I have watched it every night for the mast month as I go to sleep. I want to be a parent more than anything else in the world.

I love the davud. Thanks for posting, now I will go find the orginal story and book. Thanks for sharing your amazing story o love! I love the story behind the movie much more than the movie. I appreciate and respect Mr.

“Bitter Hack”: The Martian Child, a Love Story

Gerrold’s reluctance to become an activist for gay adoption. However I am dissapointed by it. Who better to be an activist but you Mr. You have lived a beautiful success story. It is December 28, and we just had a historic election that gerrolx a black man elected as president.


However in an ironic twist another minority has had its rights striped away. In California, Florida and Arkansas, basic civil rights have been taken away from gay men and women. In Arkansas they specifically took the right to adopt away from “unmarried” couples.

How many children will now not have the same wonderful chance to be loved as your son did? I hope you start shouting about this injustice from the mountaintops.

The idea in taking the “gay” father chilx of the movie was to make it more digestable for viewers thus more people viewing thus more of the green stuff coming in. There is a lot of money invested in making a movie and the idea is to make a profit.

I did not have a problem when I read the book with the father being gay and I understand and do not have a problem with changing him to someone more socially acceptable.

This is the way of the world. I just read the story and when I found it was made into a movie I just added it to my netflix queue. I actually listened to the book electronically, very wonderful story! Just came from watching the movie on Netflix! I wanted to see what the book was based on. If a kid that thought he was a Martian for real or just a difficult adoption or what?

Regarding changing some facts, that happens. Screenplays change race, change gender. Part of that is davi for me becausae the producer and screenplay writers have their visions too when they translate.

Ive watched a lot of movies and read books. The worst is the writer babysitting the process until there is none! As far as concept it totally works either way. I think it was great that the Martian ideas came through ggerrold going through the gerrolr adoption and adjustment process. I didnt fit in. Living in 3 countries before age At that age in the 60s where every bad sci fi movie was what played on tv! I had a high IQ but put in traditional girl roles with an extremely sheltered but mind opening relationship.


My mother encouraged education. I read encyclopedias for fun, but we were extremely cloistered. And add being a twin to that mix.

I think this book and movie just speaks to all the problems we all had and will have!

There was a Martian mopping my kitchen floor. Gerrold always wanted a child, but as a single gay man, the route for him was obviously adoption. He had already spent more than a year filling out forms and submitting to interviews. Children in Eastern Europe.

The Martian Child

Children in Latin America. Children with special needs. Photo listings, like real estate albums. Turn the pages, look at the eyes, the smiles, the needs The photo had been added by someone as an afterthought on the day of the conference.

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