Shuja Nawaz is the author of Crossed Swords ( avg rating, ratings, 23 reviews, published ), Journeys ( avg rating, 8 ratings, 0 reviews. Crossed Swords. Pakistan, its Army, and the Wars Within. Shuja Nawaz. Oxford Pakistan Paperbacks. The definitive, inside story and historical. Crossed Swords: Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within is a book by Shuja Nawaz. It is a detailed study of the military’s involvement in the evolution of .

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September ’65 and Ayub’s Fall Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within.

Crossed Swords

An impressive study of the Pakistan army and its history and all the ups and downs the country has seen so far. He then draws lessons from this history that may help Pakistan end its wars within and create a stabler political entity. Author’s grip over the history and his comprehension is excellent and is conveyed to the reader in an explicit manner I recommend this book to all the people who follow history of Pakistan and its Politics. Bleak chances but there is still a hope for pakistan.

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. The book starts from and covers all the wars that the army has fought as well as the role it has played in shaping the destiny of the country. Taken syuja the Flood Robin Waterfield. He then draws lessons from this history that may help Pakistan end its wars within and create a stabler political nadaz.

Casey rated it it was amazing Jun 11, The book also has some startling revelations shhja the presence of a CIA spy in Indira Gandhi’s cabinet during the war.

Key Events – Pakistan and Its Army 2. Will it continue to intrude into national politics? A must read for those who want to understand the “democratic” system and the relationships of politicians with the powerful Pakistan A One thing I can say about Shuja Nawaz is that he doesn’t pull any punches in his analysis of the relationships between the Pakistan Army, bureaucracy and politicians.


Author has included historic facts never mentioned before. Despite the succession of coups, military governments [End Page ]and crackdowns, it is curious that there are so few histories of the army’s political role.

Provided great insight into the pivotal role the Pak Army has on its nwwaz system of government. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Crossed Swords | Shuja Nawaz

A must read for those who want to understand the “democratic” system and the relationships of politicians with the powerful Pakistan Army. Courting Uncle Sam Given the crucial role the Pakistan Army finds itself playing in the international struggle against insurgency and terrorism, Nawaz’s book is a vitally important contribution to our understanding of events in the region of Afghanistan and the North-West Frontier Province, where American forces now operate.

Sep 29, Amanullah rated it crlssed it Recommends it for: The book is very well researched and written, however it needs t There is an advantage that Pakistani writers have over most others on the subcontinent. The Liberal Autocrat Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Trivia About Crossed Swords: This book takes you behind the headlines. Lists with This Book. Shuja Nawaz examines the army and Pakistan in both shuha and war. The army, whilst trying the save the nation, has found nawazz acting as power broker for a variety of competing political groups and running a civilian administration for which it was never trained.

Jul 29, Barry Sierer rated it it was amazing. The book very deliberately recounts the military events that defined the course on which the present day Pakistan is, with briefly touching upon other factors of change. Army, a state within, instead of holding country together is responsible for the mess Pakistan find itself in. Yet, Pakistan remains a key to the future stability and growth of Central Asia, South Asia, and the Swoords region, as a major Muslim country, armed with nuclear weapons, and with a growing and predominantly youthful population of some million.


Also croossed invaluable insight shja the workings of the most powerful institution of Pakistan, its Army. Amazing in-depth analysis of Pakistan and its Army. Mansoor rated it really liked it Jul 16, It is no wonder that Pak is not trusting of U. There is a difference of perception on historical events or facts. Overall, a detailed account and great overview of the subject albeit a tough read with all the detail.

Haroon Malik7 rated it really liked it May 20, Excellent book on history of Army as well as history of Pakistan. Nawaz examines the army and Pakistan in both peace and war.

There is a common villain. Jan 06, Alok Agarwal added it.

Shuja Nawaz (Author of Crossed Swords)

Dec 29, Faraz Azam rated it really liked it. Rightly said to understand Pakistan you need to understand its anwaz which the author seems to know very well.

Many fear that an undemocratic Pakistan fighting its many internal wars may become a ‘failed state’, with dire consequences for the volatile and croswed region of the world in which it resides.

Not only did this enmeshing in civil affairs compel the army to defeat its political opponents, often with violence, it also left it ill-equipped to fight external opponents, as examples in and have shown. This book is an excellent guide to the history and nuances of Pakistani Army, and through it, the history of the nation itself. Oxford University Press, Oct 08, Waqar Ahmed rated it it was amazing.