Samuel Huntington argued in that we had entered not a unipolar world but. The Unipolar Moment Revisited. Charles Krauthammer. Charles Krauthammer. In , Charles Krauthammer declared a “unipolar moment,” arguing that “the center of world power is the unchallenged superpower, the. Charles Krauthammer is a rapier-witted columnist who reminds me of Joseph Alsop, who skewered liberals, détentists, and anti-Vietnam War.

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Third, balancing against a rising power while it is still attempting to accumulate power is far less difficult than having to balance against an already dominant power.

The true American spirit was anti-military, anti-colonial. This account will be preceded by an explanation of the unipolar moment establishing a theoretical framework. Podcast Books Authors Articles.

Instead of a combination of economic and political superiority supported by the West, solely military power is at the center of his criteria for unipolarity. To do this, the United States needs to ensure that other states do not feel the need to balance against American primacy. Thus, even if the US were krauthammerr be a unipolar superpower, it cannot act unipolar in a globalized system.

He documents how the possession of vast military strength runs contrary to the original intent of the Founders, and has, as they feared, shifted the balance of power away from individual citizens and toward the central government, and from the legislative and judicial branches of government to the executive.

Click here to sign up. Nuclear or chemical or biological devices multiply power. How did this come about? All umipolar is unipklar is preventing an invasion of the Florida Keys. We could be about to see something really interesting.

The Unipolar Moment

The US is down to 50, troops in Iraq, with a monthly pullout program to reduce them to 10, by Nov Thus, it is even more significant that the US did not intervene in the Syrian Civil War since this highlights that there is no unipolar international system but a nonpolar international system with numerous meaningful powerful actors.


He argued that international politics would now be centered by the interplay of West and non-Western civilizations and thus lead to conflict. American politics has degraded into a faith based non analytical set of stances that was fostered for the hoi-poli then adopted by the very institutions that created what they knew was a falsely simplified message to keep the masses happy, for themselves as if it were real. Unilateralism may be required to pursue this end… What is the essence of that larger interest?

It therefore can be argued that the transnational terrorism of Al-Qaida has managed to decrease US unipolarity since it led to the self-destruction of the United States by economically ruining the country through military spending and therefore limiting its soft power capabilities. This shows that without American willingness to lead or call for such operations, other states in the Security Council were either unwilling or unable to take action.

This is NOT to say we should be stupid and over committ. I disagree with Mr.

Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Sergio Imparato Final Exam: The results are now in. In short, the unipolar moment is the rise of the US to sole superpower of the world after the end of the Cold War. This was primarily due to the fact that terrorist organizations had found safe haven in a country where the government was openly in support of them.

It was rather a US-led political order in an interconnected globalized world Ikenberry The sustained period within which the United States of America has dominated the international system without being challenged has undoubtedly shaped the world we live in.


It is in a profound sense, un-American. So the big problem for Obama is that if you do nothing and promise that you would bring about some changes, you will not have people coming out to vote for you again. NATO expansion were all about locking in the unipolar moment.

It certainly seems to correspond with US activities in Iraq. Bush has exploited the unipolar moment in order to expand US influence in West Asia and North Africa, one may be of the opinion that Obama has rather aspired a shift from the unipolarity of the US: After the end of the Second World War, the pervious multi-polar system was substituted with a bipolar one. Krauthammer is now hawkish about the Iranian nuclear program.

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To achieve this objective, the revisionist state can attempt to acquire more territory, alter the distribution of power or change the alignment of other states to suit its national interest.

Mearsheimer predicted a multipolar system as it was in the s Welsh It has been argued that President Barack Obama has strived to rebuild the trust in the Middle East which was lost during the Bush years Gerges When did we krathammer from being a nation leery of intervening abroad, to one that has almost destroyed itself doing so?

They demonstrate that polices inspired by the specter of indomitable terrorists are self-defeating, leading to needless war, ktauthammer wealth, and diminished freedoms. The Future of Balance of Power.