Looking for online definition of cementifying fibroma in the Medical Dictionary? cementifying fibroma explanation free. What is cementifying fibroma? Meaning of . The term “cementifying fibroma” was originally applied to the lesion of the mandibular incisor teeth now referred to as “periapical cemental dysplasia” ( Pindborg. Cemento-ossifying fibroma (COF) are rare, benign neoplasms that usually arise from the mandible or maxilla. They most often arise from the tooth bearing areas .

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They usually expand the bone without cortical breach 3. Furthermore, the patient mentioned that he experienced pain in the right side of his face with referral to the right eye and also episodes of blur vision.

The differential is essentially that of a lesion of the mandible or lesion of the maxilla depending on location and degree of mineralisation. The swelling was bony hard, non-tender with no fluctuation on manual palpation.

There is confusion in the literature about the nomenclature to use when describing these lesions. Thus, this points to trauma as a possible triggering factor, postulating the lesion to be a connective tissue reaction rather than a genuine neoplasm. Cementifying fibroma definition of cementifying fibroma by Medical dictionary https: Sometimes, the bone next to lesion develops a sclerotic border.


The differential diagnosis includes: Bilateral cemento-ossifying fibroma of maxillary sinus. Click here for patient related inquiries. Abstract Central cementifying fibroma is a bony tumor, which is believed to be derived from the cells of the periodontal ligament. Menzel in first described ossifying fibroma. Discussion Cemento – ossifying fibroma is a benign fibro-osseous- tumor.

Central cementifying fibroma of maxilla

Cemento-ossifying fibroma with mandibular fracture. Histological analysis showed a cellular fibroblastic tissue characterized by bundles of collagen densely packed and proliferating fibroblasts. Benign neoplasm, affects ages 3 months to 70 years Some are indolent; some growth rapidly Sites: The orthopantomogram revealed the presence of well-defined radiolucency in 24, 25, 26, 27 regions fiibroma 2 B. The margins are sharply defined in cementifying fibroma while the margins are instinct, blending with normal bone in fibrous dysplasia.

Histological analysis was done and finally diagnosis of central cementifying fibroma was made. There was no history of associated pain or trauma. Text book of Oral medicine.

It commonly presents as a progressively growing lesion that can attain an enormous size with resultant deformity if left untreated. If present in maxilla, it may cause cortical expansion, obliterating the buccal sulcus extending into nasal cavity and orbital floor and may lead to epistaxis and even euphoria. Cementifying fibroma has a wide age range from 7—58 years while the mean age in fibrous dysplasia cementfiying 20 years.


Central cementifying fibroma, fibro-osseous lesions, ossifying fibroma, radiology. Central cemento-ossifying fibroma behaves like, a cementifyiing bone neoplasm. The lesion may be either unilocular or multilocular. The margins of the lesion appeared to be well-defined. Other terms used to describe this lesion include peripheral cementifying fibromaperipheral fibroma with cementogenesis, peripheral fibroma with osteogenesis, peripheral fibroma with calcification, calcified or ossified fibrous epulis and calcified fibroblastic granuloma.

Central cementifying fibroma of maxilla

Fibro-osseous lesions of the jaws. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; In early stages, it appears as a radiolucent lesion with no evidence of radiopacity. It behaves like an ameloblastoma. Chondrosarcoma or osteosarcoma, fibrous dysplasia, odontogenic cysts, squamous cell carcinomas, calcifying odontogenic cysts Gorlin cystsand calcifying epithelial odontogenic fibrmoa Pindborg tumors.

Other locations within the head and neck have been cementkfying 1. The overlying mucosa was smooth and intact. Ossifying fibromas of the jaw bone: Some entities worth considering include J Radiol Case Rep.