CEI 211-6 PDF

Questa Norma viene pubblicata dal CEI nella sola lingua inglese in quanto particolarmente mirata a settori specialistici. La presente CEI image The Biodry device is in conformity with the safety requirements regarding exposition to electromagnetical fields, EN; ICNIRP, //CE, CEI 6. Control by local Authorities by using standards CE and and Article 14 of Law No. 36 a. b. Reference to Standard CEI Multiple frequency.

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It is applicable to electrical and electronic equipment having an input current up to and including 16 A per phase, and intended to be connected to public low voltage distribution systems. A pplies to electrical and electronic apparatus intended for use in residential, commercial and light-industrial environments. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition published in and constitutes a technical revision.

The immunity requirements have been selected to ensure an adequate level of immunity for apparatus at industrial locations. For the purpose of this standard, a vehicle is a machine, which is self-propelled. The test requirements are specified for each port considered.

No measurements need be performed at frequencies where no limits are specified. It has the status of a basic EMC publication. As soon as the device will be installed, one of our technician will periodically come to control it to make sure it is correctly functioning.

The levels do not, however, cover extreme cases, which may occur at any location, but with an extremely low probability of occurrence.

The environments encompassed by this standard are industrial, both indoor and outdoor. It assists in meeting the requirements of IMO resolution A. This standard does not apply to built-in components for luminaires such as electronic control gear.

Friest – Strumentazione per misure CEM, Strumentazione EMC e Filtri RF

The test method documented in this standard describes a consistent method to assess the immunity of an equipment or system against a defined phenomenon. The assessment consists of the induced current density for frequencies from 20 kHz to 10 MHz and the specific absorption rate SAR for frequencies from kHz to MHz around lighting equipment.


La presente Norma di famiglia di prodotti si applica alle macchine utensili. Vehicles include but are not limited to passenger cars, trucks, agricultural tractors and snowmobiles. Relates to 21-16 immunity requirements of equipment, only under operational conditions, to damped oscillatory magnetic disturbances related to medium voltage and high voltage sub-stations.

For systems with nominal voltages less than V line-to-neutralthe limits have not yet been considered. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in Gli ambienti considerati sono quelli industriali, sia interni che esterni. However, no emission requirements apply unless formulated in this standard.

This standard is also applicable to the immunity of outdoor units of direct to home DTH satellite receiving systems for individual reception. However, in the frequency range from kHz up to approximately 10 MHz protection from both, low frequency effects on the nervous system as well as high ce effects need to be considered depending on exposure conditions.

The object of this basic standard is to dei the immunity requirements and a common reference for evaluating in a laboratory the performance of electrical and electronic equipment intended for residential, commercial and industrial applications, as well as of equipment intended for power stations and substations, as applicable. These requirements represent essential electromagnetic compatibility emission requirements.

This part of IEC is concerned with the emission of 21-6 changes, voltage fluctuations and flicker produced by equipment and impressed on the public low-voltage supply system. The test method documented in this part of IEC describes a consistent method to assess the immunity of equipment or a system against a defined phenomenon.

Biodry the Solution

Questa Norma viene pubblicata dal CEI nella sola lingua inglese in quanto particolarmente mirata a settori specialistici. Questa Norma non fornisce misure protettive per persone che abbiano impiantati dispositivi medici attivi. This edition constitutes the introduction of the RMS-average detector as an alternative to quasi-peak and average detector for conducted and radiated emission measurements. Nella Norma si forniscono prescrizioni anche per le sorgenti di illuminazione a LED.


La presente Norma riporta il testo in inglese e italiano della EN ; rispetto al precedente fascicolo n. This edition constitutes a technical revision which takes account of the changes made in IEC Deals with the electromagnetic immunity of appliances and similar apparatus for household and similar purposes that use electricity, as well as electric toys and electric tools, the rated cwi of the apparatus being 2116 more than V for single-phase apparatus to be connected to phase and neutral, and V for other apparatus.

La Norma deve essere letta congiuntamente alla EN This standard applies to apparatus intended to be directly connected to a low-voltage public mains network or connected to a dedicated DC source, which is intended to interface between the apparatus and the low-voltage public mains network. The contents of the corrigendum of October have been included in this copy.

Trova la soluzione inserendo il tuo nome e la tua mail. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in and its Amendment 1 The test method documented in IEC It additionally defines ranges of test levels and establishes test procedures.

Requirements are specified for each port considered. This fifth edition of CISPR 11 got a more transparent structure, introduces another set of particular limits for conducted and radiated disturbances of ‘heavy duty’ general purpose equipment of class A group 1 with a rated input power in excess of 20 kVA, in accordance with the needs of the industries and refers to the full approach in respect of the measurement instrumentation uncertainty specified in CISPR 16 4 4.

It is applicable to electrical and electronic equipment having an input current equal to or less than 16 A per phase, intended to be connected to public low-voltage distribution systems of between V and V line to neutral at 50 Hz, and not subject to conditional connection.