Se interpuso una revisión. Expediente en Tribunal: Amparo Indirecto en Revisión 84/ y se solicitó el ejercicio de la facultad de atracción. opuesta a lo ocurrido en el caso de Colom- bia, nación que durante porciona copias de expedientes que seña- Florence Cassez debió espe- rar el fin. Florence Cassez: “Más que mi libertad, quiero mi inocencia” · El brazo Uno de los casos más recordados es el pago que realizó a Televisa en integró al menos 20 expedientes para investigar si García Luna incuriró en.

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Epel’s name comes from the first letters of first names of their partners in these companies: Your rescue team worked with agents kidnapped the agency. From the Newspaper of “The Process”. Too much violence, too much corruption. Instead, he pressed my brother to sign without any compensation, and Sebastien ended like a bad movie: The latter’s wife received death threats against her and her children.

I knew they had found the card in my department. I think Sebastien, in children. Later, they closed the business of my brother. At that czso, Sebastien not suspicious.

Israel Vallarta, who was the leader of the kidnapping band, also stated that Cassez had nothing to do with his kidnapping activity.

Torah Codes by Midbar Nesher: Florence Cassez Victim of the Chains of Massive Corruption

Their services are offered primarily to the Jewish community in Polanco. The case expedientr Florence Cassez French is not the only one where Genaro Garcia Luna whole media circus mounted to enlarge operation or capture suspected criminals endangering research and human rights of the accused.

Justice to argue rights of jailed French woman may have been violated. One day in December, received a call Lolany Margolis, who threatened to kill and to kidnap two children at that time had four to five years. And that man was now getting to my nightmare. He explained, “Margolis had a super professional team forence serving as an intermediary to resolve abductions.


These are kidnappers who have florende military training in special operations. In the death threats. Margolis never wanted to pay the actions you want to give. The kidnappers in Mexico are not guys with no money or single gang in the street. He is a former agent of Mossad suspected in Mexico and a shareholder in flordnce impressive number of companies engaged in such diverse things as beautyeducationhardware or security.

Advanced technology confiscated from drug traffickers and carrying out kidnappingsextortion and other crimes with the immediacy and accuracy of a modern military or police agency is a surprisingly sophisticated infrastructure and powerful”They are doing what they would any sensible military unit ” said Robert Killebrewa retired U.

Throughout the world there exagentes riding secret service security companies. False witnesses told fanciful stories, submitted false invoices and police carried out investigations totally illegal. The French courts want to take Genaro Garcia Luna to the International Court by the falsification of arrest from TV against the French and by the false witnesses that they used.

In fact, these and Margolis are shareholders of CV Direct from Mexico, dedicated to selling products on television.

En Portada

Anne Marie told Sebastien Mergier, this weekly correspondent expedienfe France Procesowhich Radiancy was part of a business group that was engaged in other activities: Sebastien Cassez Margolis was a partner in business Radiancy Sauna Italia Mexico and Mexico, dedicated to selling beauty products and equipment.

Florence Cassez continues to claim her innocence. They mocked him, sometimes openly. Moreover, says he boasted of his relations with expedientte police, so she and her brother “even we were surprised when we heard they could kidnap people for your business to function But the worst was in late You’re going to fuck by Margolis!

As Sebastien refused, the problems got worse. The powerful story of a woman kidnapped by corrupt politics of Mexico.


The sentence and a possible extradition to her home country cassfz created diplomatic tensions between France and Mexico. Sources for this article: Margolis refused and began to pressure him to cede the amount he had invested in the company without receiving any payment.

Three kidnapped victims were freed and four persons including Cassez arrested. According to the statement of Florence Cassez after being arrestedit was through his brother Sebastianwho had some years living in Mexico, how she met Israel Vallarta; The false accusations against Israel Vallarta say is leader of a gang of kidnappers.

In Mexico, everyone knows that there are police who are complicit in the gang for drug trafficking and kidnappings.

She is currently serving a year sentence for the crimes of kidnapping, organized crime, and illegal possession of firearms. VIP protection, shielding cars and also a business that was dedicated just to the resolution of kidnappings.

I think it was the straw that broke the camel to Sebastien.

According to my source information sought was a member of Mossad, Israeli intelligence agency. All this was for reasons of revenge, extortion and false witness against Florence Cassez. They could do whatever they wanted, everyone saw it as normal. How many people are in the jail for injustice and corruption? Cso when Sebastien was shocked. Brothers Louis and Dan Epelstein Rapaport. He could face a guy like Margolis.

In his book, In the Shadow of my life, she says: When Sebastien wanted out of business, it all fell apart. He said he worked with the police, but that does not mean much here.