Location Enumclaw, WA Architect Hybrid Architecture Construction Hybrid Assembly SF Fabricated in and delivered to Enumclaw, Washington, the Studio is the project that. Home Design: Container homes HyBrid Seattle. HYBRID SEATTLE C STUDIO. CLIVE WILKINSON PALOTTA HEADQUARTERS. THE SELECTION OF THE BEST REPRESENTATIVES OF CONTAINER. bathroom with glass doors across from kitchen. shipping container house “the nomad” was designed last year for sunset magazine by seattle-based hybrid.

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Why do you stuxio structures from steel shipping containers? The context is fantastic. Are your designs fully insulated? Fashioned from one 8-byfoot container, it reflects the regional feel of the pueblo with its soaring wing of an awning.

Shipping container home? | Page 3 | Adventure Rider

A guest cabin was needed adjacent to an existing stick-built cabin at a site 4 hours north of San Francisco. Every element of this project is relocatable and seqttle. TripodJul 14, They can be nice.

This dramatic unbuilt cargo container building project has the ability to transform urban landscapes. The practice can support projects around the world. Cargotecture will research the specifics of your site to determine and assess the feasibility of transportation, crane access, local zoning codes, foundation required etc.

Cargotecture can provide services ranging from schematic design, design development, consultancy, and project management for any global project. Designed to handle high winds and storms, this container home also features a large deck, a beautiful stylish interior and access to the slope behind it.

This two-story Cargotecture retreat is on an island outside Seattle. Our firm presented it to the City of Seattle and the civic organization Allied Arts. Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: In my area, a turn key metal building, fully erected, on a slab with insulation and walk in doors runs about 12 bucks a square foot. Made a great retail venue.


Is the installation included? Pricing is available upon request. Sleek Duravit fixtures and bamboo floors make for a stylish getaway that sleeps four comfortably. The balance of the sales price is due upon factory completion of your Cargotecture unit. The recycled plastic and soy sprayed-in insulation is more than sufficient for most climates — R24 walls, R 44 ceilings, and R32 floors.

Cargotecture gets its name from the practice of creating buildings out of steel intermodal shipping containers, which it helped to pioneer. CGHJul 22, Think inside the box… what can you do with a steel shipping container? This wonderful and successful project was designed for Santa Monica, California in to help its citizens understand more gybrid the recycling process.

On a case-by-case basis, we provide contractual ISC construction consulting services. A few years back our firm won the competition for a cargo container cabin at King County Seattle Parks Department.

I am a comms engineer and seatte stuff for remote sites here in Western Australia What kind of foundation is recommended? I am a do-it-yourself builder and would like to use your construction documents.

Dtudio you have awnings for outdoor living, and decks to expand my livable space? In such regions, ISC homes are a viable affordable housing concept. We have worked with engineers, architects, builders and do-it-yourselfers with great results. Cargotecture C-series Specifications and Pricing. There is no less expensive way to house a large number sexttle people than the c Bunkhouse.


This on-the-boards project is garnering great anticipation from both the community and our clients here in Seattle, Washington. Roofwater harvesting and reuse. My workbenches and my bed are within feet of each other. A Cargotecture hhybrid or office is sustainable, smart, modern, and durable enough to last several generations – not to mention just plain COOL! Schematic Design, Plans and Permits Your Cargotecture home is factory permitted, but typically local permits are required for land use review, foundation design, and utilities.

Oil Spill Central, Gulf Coast. He earned his Masters in Architecture from the University of Oregon inwith an emphasis on sustainability. Your Cargotecture home is factory permitted, but typically local permits are required for land use review, foundation design, and utilities.

c900 Bunkhouse

Cargotecture creates both site-built and factory-built designs and completed projects. Joel founded Cargotecture inand practices in Seattle, Washington. The whole deal appeals to me since the structure is weather tight and secure from the beginning and can be completed at my leisure and budget.

StinkyCheeseJul 14, The building houses two square foot apartments over a double-height commercial space, and the standing stairwell tower is constructed from an uprighted cargo container. Mini Tower with Condominium.

Can you hybrix a type of paint that doesn’t require a lot of prep, preferably just shoot it on?