The rules are in Polish. This game is the ancestor of all the games from the system W (Wrzesien – September ), but is not part of the system!. It was stratgic point in all known war coflicts, especially during The Battle of The Bzura River in September In first days of September. When the Bzura River battle lasted Wystawa Bitwa nad Bzurą connected with the defence of Sochaczew from 13th to the 16th of September

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But unfortunately the situation had taken its course and if the attack was justified when the Lodz Army was fighting along the line Lodz — Tomaszow, bzurq with the before mentioned army in full retreat the operation was, strategically speaking a bad idea, hence General Bortnowski was right in his thoughts about local counterattacks carried out by the three infantry divisions of Poznan Army.

The 4 AOK under General v. Retrieved from ” https: Attack – Sep 10 Nonetheless I still had a vague feeling that something was brewing on the northern flank of the Army Group Nevertheless, next day General Kutrzeba renewed his proposal and this time it was received by General Stachiewicz-Waclawa who authorized it.

Immediately General Kutrzeba shifted his Army towards Leczycy on the Bzura river bzjra in order to establish there the line of departure; he also sent the plan to Brest-Litowsk by plane hence Marshall Rydz-Smigly between the sword and the wall gave the approval constituting the Group Poznan-Torun but without establishing its Commanding Officer. Even if a local crisis- and possibly a serious one at that- were to arise here, it would have not the least bearing on the operations as a whole.

File:Bitwa bzura png – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Eighth Army paid rather more attention to the aforementioned task than to developments in the north, for early on 10th September it reported a surprise attack from that quarter against its 30 Division, launched by considerably stronger enemy forces. Das ist in dieser kitzligen Situation nicht ganz ohne.

Initially underestimating the Polish advance, the Germans decided on 11 September to redirect the main force of the German 10th Armythe German 4th Armythe reserves of the Army Group Southand aircraft from 4th Air Fleet towards the Bzura.

Posted by Mazowsze na dawnej fotografii on 10 listopada Not knowing the enemy breakthrough around Tomaszow-Maz. Zabecki 1 May Es ging ziemlich hart her. Wir erlebten dann den ganzen Tag viel Tartarennachrichten. Worth seeing are also mementos connected with the Warsaw Uprising, which broke out on the 1st of August Das Weichselwunder, von dem dass Ausland immer redet, wird nicht eintreten. The counteroffensive would take place at dawn on Sep 10 W tle wysadzony most. Tadeusz Kutrzeba, the commander of the Poznan Army wanted his army to have some movement space needed for any futher military operations.


The battle of Bzura. The campaign had run so smoothly and so completely according to plan that one was tempted to believe that little could happen now to interrupt or cause any real change in the scheduled course of operations.

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General Bortnowski stated the operation could be a big one involving both armies or a minor one with local counterattacks only, in such a case his army would not be halted in its withdrawal to Warsaw. Ta strona korzysta z ciasteczek “cookies”. The Polish plan for defense against the German invasion, Plan Westcalled for the defense of the borders.

Interesting part of this exhibition is wreckage of German Me fighter, which was found and excavated from the ground by museum workers in Kampinos Forest near Warsaw. Both Generals ended the meeting with the following bzurq their staffs would meet immediately for a planning conference Poznan Army: Direct one through Kolo — Kutno — Lowicz — Sochaczew.

The Defence of Sochaczew in September 1939

In the meantime General Kutrzeba sent a report about the meeting to the High Command and Marshall Rydz-Smigly answered on Sep 09 ordering the big attack with the Pomorze Army subordinated to Poznan Army; also he assigned as objective the area of Radom and determined the Vistula crossing by Kosieniec.

Archived from the original on Eighth 19939 original task – the provision of deeply echeloned protection to the entire Army Group operation on its bzra flank – naturally still held good. On 15 and 16 September, Army Pomorze took up defensive positions on the north bank of the Bzura.

In addition, it 193 so that the moment when general Kutrzeba decided to stop his attack because of allegedly stiffening German resistanceexactly coincided with the moment when general Blaskowitz finally and decisively ordered the general retreat of his 8th Army.

It was the last time that the Polish High Command can give orders to both armies.

File:Polish artillery Battle of Bzura 1939.jpg

Apart from mementos from the Battle of the Bzura River, there are items and documents of the local history of the Sochaczew Region from bzurx shown on the exhibition.

Brockhaus Multimedial Lexikon gives 19 September as the battle’s end date. Manstein’s Lost Victories It would appear, nevertheless, that H.


Astonishment of Germans must have been considerable, when – while once again marching to the north on 14 IX in the face of lack of any further Polish pressure after the German retreat behind the city of Lodz – they did not encounter literally any Polish units south of the Bzura river! The big attack was planned as follows: Dort haben sie Barrikaden in Unzahl gebaut, so dass unsere Panzerleute nicht durchkamen.

He could not realize for the time being that one day no far away he must fight with a reverse front against enemy elements already deployed before Warsaw.

Polish offensive at the Bzura – Polish lost victory? – Axis History Forum

World War II in Europe: Finally far to the east some elements belonging to the 10 AOK under General v. Kluge was advancing upwards along the Vistula, on the left river bank the 50 ID Generalleutnant Sorsche was in contact with polish forces along the line Brest-Kujawski — Wloclawek; it was followed by the 3 ID close to Alexandrov and to its right was the ID which was fighting between Inowroclaw and Radziejow.

Later he successfully continued his attack for one day in conditions of the balance of power 10 IX and for two days in difficult conditions of enemy superiority over his forces 11 – 12 IXjust in in order to resign bzzura stop his attack on 13 IX – despite the fact, that Polish counteroffensive was still progressing slower than at the beginning, but it was progressing.

Blaskowitz was stretched between Kolo and the northeast of Lodz: On the contrary, it actually offered bzurz the chance of winning a big victory, since strong enemy forces had now been committed to a battle west of the Vistula, and this, if the right actions were taken on our own side, would end in their destruction.

It was adopted as solution, the big attack, in spite of General Bortnowski thought it only would delay his retreat to Warsaw. The annihilation of the Armies Pomorze and Poznan.

The 8 AOK under General v. Three courses of action were outlined after the meeting.

Halder, der uns gestern eine Stunde besuchte, behauptete, es sei biserdie Schlacht des polnischen Feldzuges.