Your Bizfon will transform how your business communicates, making you more available, informative and responsive to your customers. About this Manual. instructions on telephone-specific commands, like how to forward or transfer calls , or put calls on hold. This Administrator’s Guide describes Bizfon sys-. Below you can download guides and manuals for the Bizfon , Bizfon & , and Bizfon , including the Administration Guide, as well as the.

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This document is subject to change without notice. All other trademarks are held by their respective owners. Printed in the United States of America.

Preface Congratulations on your purchase of a Bizfon! Your Bizfon will mabual how your business communicates, making you more available, informative, and responsive to your customers. Bizfon Quick Start Card. For your convenience, the Quick Start Card is reproduced in this section. To mount your Bizfon to a wall, follow these steps: Find a location for the Bizfon s within four feet of an electrical outlet or power strip.

Bizfon recommends that you connect the unit s to an uninterruptible power supply UPS. Align the four tabs on the mounting bracket with the four slots on the bottom of the Bizfon Slide the bracket until it snaps in place with the tabs secured in the slots.

Connecting Your Phone Lines and Extensions After you have positioned the Bizfonyou can easily con- nect your incoming lines and extensions. Refer to the following figure as you connect your lines and extensions: Blue Button For Diagnostics Power Bizfon is working optimally. You cannot use the Bizfon for calls during diagnostics.

Press amnual blue button in the center of the Bizfon Note that during the diagnostics, the Bizfon may not be used for calls. The system announces that it is ready and also announces the current time and date. Your Bizfon is now ready. It details bizffon initial settings and how to change them. Overview Your Bizfon system is ready to use right out of the box. Create informational messages Set up music on hold Create virtual extensions Bizfno that Bizfon Customer Care makes Set the Bizfon to answer a specific telephone line and ring bizzfon specific extension Disable individual extensions from making outside calls Setting Up Physical Extensions In the Office The yellow jacks labeled Telephones on the Bizfon are assigned to physical extension numbers starting at When you first set up an extension, you indicate whether it is going to be a private telephone, a public telephone such as a telephone in a conference roomor a fax machine.

If you forget your system password, call Bizfon Customer Care at To change the system password: Pick up any Bizfon telephone extension and access Settings. You may want to change this to reflect your time zone or changes in Daylight Savings Time. Jack 1 is for 6680jack 2 is extensionand so on, through jack 8, which is extension Use of this feature requires connecting your Bizfon to a 60 sys- tem.


The Voice Vault card allows you to set up voice mail accounts for extensions Without the card, these extensions are not accessible to the Bizfon To order a Voice Vault card, dial Introduction This section tells you about the ways that the Bizfon can handle incoming telephone calls.

Incoming call handling refers to how calls are handled as they come in to the Bizfon This section provides information on: If the call is still not answered, the call mankal to the Operator mailbox.

To change your call profile: To change After Hours nizfon profile, be sure you are in After Hours mode. If you want to set up a customized incoming call handling pro- file, Bizfon can do it for you.

Please call to request special incoming call handling. Automated Attendant Greetings The Bizfon automated attendant provides an immediate, auto- mated greeting for callers to your business.

Bizfon Owner’s Manual – Page 1 of 84 |

To change the default system day greeting, do the following: Press before you can access mnual. After Hours Mode The Bizfon After Hours mode enables you to set up your sys- tem for operation after normal business hours. After a specified number of rings, calls are directed to the Operator mailbox at extension 0. To change the After Hours greeting, do the following: If you have not yet set up the extension, you must press 2. If it is in After Hours mode, these steps will turn off the After Hours mode automated attendant.

Extension Directories The Bizfon has two directories for extensions: When a caller hears the auto attendant, they can press 1 for directory information. They can then choose to listen to a list of extensions or dial by name.

Enter the extension number, sary to access Operator settings. Press the dial-by-name directory. Call Routing Directly to a Specific Extension You can have your Bizfon configured to answer a particular incoming telephone line and immediately ring a specific exten- sion or group of extensions.

This can be configured by Bizfon Customer Care at extension When you configure the Bizfon this way, Day and After Hours modes are ignored on that incoming telephone line. To configure the Operator extension to ring at an extension other than You change personal options for the Operator extension the same way you change mxnual options for any extension. To change personal options for the receptionist: Group Ring The Bizfon allows you to configure a group of extensions to ring, when a caller selects an extension.

Informational Messages The standard Bizfon supports two informational messages.

Bizfon Phone Manuals

By plugging in an optional Voice Vault card, the Bizfon can support four additional informational messages, for a total of six. Informational messages are typically used to provide spe- cific information to callers such as hours of operation or direc- tions to your office. To create an informational message: Changing the Phone Type When you set up a Bizfon extension initially, the extension is programmed differently for BizTouch series feature phones than it is for non-BizTouch telephones.


For example, to access To change the phone type: To set up Music-on-Hold, you need to connect an audio device, such as a CD player or a tape deck, to your Bizfon. Dial extension and enter the system password, if con- figured, to access General Settings. A Physical Extension connected to the Bizfon These are extensions through on a one unit installation.

If you have more than one Bizfonrefer to the following table for a list of extension numbers. Bizfon Unit Extension Numbers Receive and manage voice messages through your voice mailbox Setting Up Physical Extensions In the Office The yellow jacks labeled Telephones on the Bizfon are assigned to physical extension numbers starting at Setting up Virtual Extensions A virtual extension is not physically connected to one of the extension jacks in the Bizfon When you set up a virtual extension, for example, you tell the Bizfon where it is that you want extension to ring.

Dial extension to access General Settings. Bizfon announces how many messages you have when you pick up an extension. Voice mail can be expanded by two increments: This is done by installing an optional Voice Vault card.

If you do not answer, the Bizfon recognizes this and directs the call to your Mahual extension mailbox. During the call, you can put the caller on hold, or transfer the call to another extension. If the screening feature is not active, the call does not bounce back to the Bizfon. You do not need to know the extension password to remove it.

Bizfon 680 Administrator’s Manual

To remove the password for an extension: Operator for- warding settings go back to the factory defaults. To reset an extension: Phone must be hung up. When you are on one call, and another call for you arrives, you will hear a double beep.

Refer to the BizTouch Press Authorization to Make Outside Calls Internal and Remote Users When using an extension connected to the Bizfon and when using the universal extension remotely, all extensions are autho- rized to make outside calls.

The Bizfon can be configured to limit outside line access for people using the Bizfon remotely. In order to support Centrex capabilities, you can set up the Bizfon to predial a specified string of keystrokes when you get an outside line.

: Bizfon Control Unit 6×8 : Pbx Telephones And Systems : Electronics

The Bizfon allows you to set up the same predial string for all outgoing lines, or to set up individual strings for each outgoing line. Enter the system password, if required, then press 4. Fax Machines You can connect one or more fax machines to the Bizfon extension ports.