This is a first draft of a story I translated from a Bengali story by the name of Birinchi Baba by Parashuram — Raj Sekhar Basu. This is the. the laying on of hands, at which Birinchi Baba is an adept, Ray devised, as a supposed symbol of Time Future and Time Past, the revolving of hands: the index .

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You’d fly off if anyone so much as blew on you. It was impossible to tell whether he was awake or not. Every day, nearly three hundred people turn up to listen to the strange things Birinchi Baba says. No pujas, no mantras. Kakali Das marked it as to-read Jan 11, But then, she sees this happen almost every day.

Mahapurush – Wikipedia

He was very thin, birihchi eyes were closed. He’s become a totally different person ever since my mother died. Then, in desperation, her husband began to pray. I only get a hundred and fifty rupees a month. But the babus of Sutanuti complained that the number of sweets they were served was less than what the others were given.

Mr Sen turned to Nibaran. Satya handed Kebalananda over to Feku Pandey, and helped Buchki and her father to come out of the room. If he looks on us kindly, we might even get to meet Mahadev. If you do not believe me, do the calculations yourself. What you can do is chant the Biirinchi mantra. Nibaran said, “Look, Maulavi sahib, we are determined to get rid of those two men.


বিরিঞ্চি বাবা by Rajshekhar Basu

Perhaps they were talking birds. If not, ask him to see me after the holidays. Vijaya Shaw marked it as to-read Nov 08, It does not take Nibaran long to realize that Birinchi Baba is a fraud. Professor Noni was standing by, arms akimbo, his dhoti tucked in at the waist.

Motiram, I mean Nibaran Soumyajit Dey marked it as to-read Sep 28, He was Gurupodo Babu’s son-in-law, a distant cousin of Satya, and Nibaran’s old class friend. He had recently married for the third time. If you want red smoke, then you will need nitric acid and copper. Each time the horse got restless, he was slapping its flank noisily and saying, “Be still, you idiot!

Do you know why? Feku, Maulavi sahib, Coachman and Satya’s friends had all got together and raised an alarm, quite unnecessarily.

Mahadev promptly moved towards the door at the back, and opened it. They came not from Faridpur, but from an Arab country. I mean, not totally. Anyway, tell us about this Birinchi Baba. This theory has been proved by Taritananda Thakur of Rajshahi.

It was at the palace of Jagat Seth that we met. Ha ha ha, Jesus was born only yesterday! Nabamita Dey marked it as to-read Jan 05, Want to Read saving…. Ganesh Mama found him this guru, now my father spends all his time with him. At mid-day — on the dot of 12 o’clock — you must look straight at the sun and say ‘Martyanda, Martyanda’ one hundred and eight times, very quickly.

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Jatindrakumar Sen also used the pen-name Narad. Just for a week, Baba. When he buys potatoes in the market, he pays for two and a half kilos.

বিরিঞ্চি বাবা

Alokananda Ghosh marked it as to-read Aug 12, Tell us what this babaji is like. Samapti Barai marked it as to-read Aug 05, Birinchi Baba has a growing band of rich devotees. I meant the real stuff He was Mr O K Sen, bar-at-law. Can’t you see they are imprisoned? Birinchi Baba smiled indulgently. Tell me, did you have to make a scene in my father’s presence?

Not on your life. All I can say is that Ganesh Biricnhi gets a free hand in everything as long as Gurupodo Babu remains indifferent to how his house is run, or how his money is spent.