Bhavat Bhavam. There is an interesting concept in Vedic astrology that can help us to understand the nature of the houses, called bhavat bhavam. It means. BHAVAT – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Vedicastrology. Basically the bhavat bhavam, sharing similar indications, lends support to the house in question. For instance, 5th house signifying inclination of mind (intellect) .

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Furthermore, only four lagnas Aries, Capricorn, Leo and Sagittarius are being helped by natural friends and auspicious planets for those lagnas.

Bhavat Bhavam | Jyothishi

The 5th house is also bhavat bhavam for the 9th house 9th from 9th. This technique is just another way to confirm your predictions using other systems. Email required Address never made public. Even the first house appears once from any given house, in this case the 7th.

One of the areas that I really want to dive into much deeper is understanding the baggage or debris vhavat life issues have imprinted on a person. The 7th house is also bhavat bhavam for the 10th house 10th from 10th. The reason for this becomes apparent when we consider how we may come to this The 4 th bhava, the bgavam sign of Cancer is the own house of the moon, exaltation sign of Jupiter and debilitation point of Mars. Sun helps Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.

Secrets of bhavat-bhavam – Vidyavaridhi Jyothish

Venus helps cancer, which is ruled by the moon. Labor in servitude 6 provides eventual economic gain The 9th house is bhavat bhavam for the 11th house 11th from 11th. Saturn helps Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury. Bhavat-Bhavam applied to lagnas and dasas Before we jump into further exploration of the bhavat-bhavam concept, I want to bring the readers attention to another concept as described below: Bhavat-bhavam as applied to bhavas Note: Venus and Saturn are natural mutual friends.


Let us look at it from only the natural relationship of bhavta point of view as given in table 3. The first is the natural dharma house while 10th is the natural karma house. Lagna indicates our physical body whilst 4th from this shows the final result i. They can be treated as running a deficit, all factors equal.

I strongly advice all students to subscribe to this site so that they are automatically informed of new postings. All these are to be looked into in D-1 only.

Venus is a natural neutral to the Moon.

Secrets of bhavat-bhavam

What doesn’t kill you 6 will make you stronger No doubt his fame as India’s greatest poet was the result of his poetic imagination. From table 2 of section 2, you will see that the same planet helps the opposite axis of rasis find their life path.

In the Jaimini system when influencing each other are said to give rise to great passion to get things done on a worldly level.

For example, according to BPHS, Sun is an evil planet for gemini lagna even though he helps them find their life path.

The 9th house bhavaf the house of Dharma. Anyone familiar with the story of Milarepa Tibet’s greatest yogi will know of the difficulties he had to endure before his Guru Marpa would grant him his fervent desire for initiation.


This house-to-house principle can be extended to every house and reveals that there is a relationship between such houses. However I will leave bhavwm to the readers to judge by experience and do not wish to get into any discussion. A planet may not be a natural friend or an auspicious planet for that lagna or lagna lordyet if he is forming some formidable yogas in the chart and has good ista, shubha, points, shad bala, vimshopaka and dig bala then he can still deliver great results.

In table 4, I have listed the relationship of the key planet that re-enforces the life path for a particular lagna in question as given by BPHS. For example, as previously mentioned, 3rd house amongst other things shows initiation into spiritual practices. Only horoscope will be sent and no predictions will be given. They are listed below: Of course as all astrology techniques, there are multi-levels to analyze a chart from Parashari yogas, bhava yogas, vipareet yogas to Jaimini Raj yogas.

So it is as if the bhava is born again in the future. Not bbhavat is he the yoga-karaka but also the graha that bolsters their life path.