Benjamin Disraeli () tried to tackle the Condition of England In his Young England novels, Coningsby (), Sybil () and. Disraeli intended Sybil as more than reportage, and the Condition-of-England debate in the novel has a clear political goal. Disraeli argues that. Buy Sybil, or the Two Nations by Benjamin Disraeli, Fiction, Classics by Benjamin Disraeli from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge.

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Inspired by the rise of the Chartiststhe novel deals with the problems of the growing social and economic disparity between the antagonistic communities in England — the rich and the poor — largely as a result of the Industrial Revolution.

Now for another prefacing comment. So the happy ending, such as it is, more reaffirms the existing social order than anything else.

The general reader whose attention has not been specially drawn to the subject which these volumes aim to illustrate, the Condition of the People, might suspect that the Writer had been tempted to some exaggeration in the scenes which he has drawn and the impressions which he has wished to convey.

He enjoyed the favour of Queen Victoria, who shared his dislike of Gladstone.

From this trilogy, Sybil, or the Two Nations stands out as perhaps the most important Victorian condition-of-England novel of its time. It disgaeli a pleasure reading it.

Sybil, or the Two Nations

Egremont meets Sybil again in London when she accompanies her father at the Chartist National Convention inwhich advances the five Chartist demands: Again, definitely a good read. In a parliamentary sense, that great party has ceased to exist; but I will believe that it still lives in the thought and sentiment and consecrated memory of the English nation.

Much more readable than I was expecting, even with the rather eccentric occasional historical essays which pop up now and then. The men that didn’t marry for money existed almost exlusively in novels.

The first thing I need to say about this book is about the particular edition that I read published by International Alliance Pro-Publishing, not picturednot about the book itself. These days, it seems like a poor choice born of an undercurrent of the dregs of prejudice.


The events of the novel, which appear against the background of the Chartist agitation, take place from to He thus has to compromise either his beliefs or the believability of his inventions. Return to Book Page.

Disraeli’s plots are far-fetched, and his characters balsa-wood.

Sybil certainly does not shy away from the iniquities of social divi Theresa May in her first speech outside Number 10 said that she was a one nation Conservative. Sybil, set in northern England, describes a calamitous divide between rich and poor, a division so dramatic that people live entirely different existences within one country.

In SybilDisraeli criticised uncontrolled industrialisation as the immoral byproduct of laissez-faire economics. These are arguments that I’ve read about in a very detached way but I can’t say I ever really properly understood.

It is not a recreational read. As you might expect, the writing style is didactic, and manages to force the reader to get through the story line with only the most active insistence on turning the next page. He is most famous today for the bitter hatred between himself and his political rival William Gladstone.

Where I would fault Disraeli although no more than a lot of other writers of his era is on the romance. Despite the growing wealth created by increased industrial production, trade, and commerce, prosperity lay only in the hands of the upper classes — landed aristocracy, merchants, and mill-owners — while most working people lived in abject poverty. Ferrand were more important to Disraeli by than the ‘Young England’ group with which Sybil is usually associated The Introduction also makes the case for the interest of Sybil as a work of art, as well as an historical and political document.

Disraeli’s novel was made into a silent film called Sybil instarring Evelyn Brent and Cowley Wright. But he portrays the revolting workers Chartist agitators and their mob in a similar fashion to Shakespeare’s portrait of Jack Cade.

His idea of charity, via religious faith, rather than state welfare may be problematic. You must know I am engaged in entering a convent. One is that there isn’t much logical overlap between the plots such as they are. Novels portal Victorian era portal. I always knew she was one of us. Did anyone else find it odd that to portray the rift between the upper and working classes, Disraeli chose Sybil, who secretly possessed a noble lineage and a plan to move into the upper class?


The moral is, stick to the traditional publishers for the classics Norton, Penguin, etc.

The 100 best novels: No 11 – Sybil by Benjamin Disraeli (1845)

Disraeli saw hope in the Young England movement and expressed his idealistic faith in the revival of Conservatism. He made an important journey to the Near East and continued to write novels and political writings in which he presented anti-Whig and anti-Utilitarian views. When the crowd rushes at the troopers, Gerard is killed, Lord Marney is stoned to death, and Mowbray Castle is burnt down. The publisher, Henry Colburn of Great Marlborough Street, owned one of the fashionable imprints of the day.

The beenjamin edition of disrasli, copies of the novel was sold in a fortnight.

Benjamin Disraeli’s “Sybil,” or How to Reconnect the Two Nations

Another was the young dandy and disraeki political star Benjamin Disraeli. Nonetheless, Sybil is the most interesting Condition-of-England novel of the Young England trilogy because it examines critically the social consequences of the Industrial Revolution and the ensuing split of the nation into the rich and the poor.

As literature, Disraeli’s novels have been challenged by the test of time – huge undigested chunks of his theories of history alternate with the plot, improbable characters come up conveniently to explain things in long monologues – but also well-written and funny enough of the time.

Julian’s belief that all that is necessary for the party to secure a Member’s vote on some sybik issue is to have “asked some of them to dinner, or given a ball or two to their wives and daughters! The book’s publication in created a sensation, for its immediacy and readability brought the plight of the working classes sharply to the attention of the reading public.

But it is not the highest quality. Like Dickenshe made a point of researching those parts of the novel that fisraeli outside his experience, and it shows. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. The descriptions of poverty, oppression and infanticide are comparable with Dickens.