Yoursavedplansarelocatedin”MyPictures\BackyardEOS\Plans\”folderbydefault. Load Loadapreviouslysavedcaptureplan. Save Savethecaptureplan. BackYard EOS – how to connect camera & computer – posted in DSLR A PDF Manual for Back Yard EOS would be highly appreciated. Don’t you need to manually focus the star by adjusting the focus rack BackyardEOS doesn’t focus the camera,you have to do that using the.

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All software can do is control a focussing mechanism, so unless you have an electric focuser attached to the scope which is remote controlled by eos then all you are altering is the numbers on the computer screen Focusing is a physical action that moves something in the optical chain Stay connected with our monthly newsletter and be the first to mxnual about new product releases, deals and special industry events.

You have duplicated a sentence in the above,text thought it worth pointing out so you can correct. In the summer months, the sensor would rise to above 30 degrees using ISO or above. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

I am a more basic user, who sets up all of my astrophotography equipment each night. The guide scope and cam to come in the not too distant future. As always, I appreciate your encouragement and I hope you continue to backyardeks this ride along with me.

Have you read the manual? Aperture Optional Theaperturefieldisonlyvisibleifthecameralensisattachedtothecameraandwillcontainall aperturevaluessupportedbytheattachedlens.

Astro Photography Tool Review

This could be a real time saver in the future, not to mention having frames that register perfectly with minimal overlapping. The defaultvalueis1 nostacking butyoucanchoosetostackup20frames. HistogramandScreenStretchArea Theimagehistogramprovidesagraphicalrepresentationofthedistributionofpixelvaluesinthecurrent image,whilethescreenstretchadjustmentgraph[Premium]providestheabilitytoadjustthebrightness andcontrastofthedisplayedimage.


Im sure I read ‘keep seconds the same as mm” I. Im Struggling with the following These images will come in handy when reviewing your image files to stack.

BackyardEOS User Guide

Sign In Sign Up. The tools built into the software help me spend less time getting set up, and more time collecting photons.

Thank you so much again for the time and effort you put in to helping the rest of us just starting out. I would like to try the APT when it arrives, and I am wondering what kind of cable I will need for that.

Backyardeos – Getting Started With Imaging – Stargazers Lounge

Youdecidethatyouneedacontinualloopoftwotofivesecondexposures dependingonthestarbrightness atthedefaultISOtoallowyoutomanuallyfocusandachieveevenly spaceddiffractions,basedontheimageshowninBackyardEOS. There is no better way to learn a new imaging application than to put it to use for a night of deep sky backardeos. So ,can you recommend an other program witch compatible with sony cameras?

Stick with it thoughthe journey is a longslow one but eventually everything will start to become second nature and soon you’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about Someone with a better memory or can run it up may be able to give more details. My ardrino is connected to the centre fine focus shaft and even a fine touch on the focuser can send the numbers back up again.

The information from your tutorials and reviews has helped me to bring my love of astronomy, and my new found passion for astrophotography, to a much higher level than I ever hoped to achieve this soon. I feel confident investing time learning a new software application that is flexible enough to any future upgrades I make to my camera equipment.


Here’s a couple I just took using BYE. You, or anyone with the link, can use it to retrieve your Cart at any time. In the settings I’ve put the download folder as ‘My Pictures’ yet when I take a picture it isn’t saving it there or anywhere for that matter.

Astro Photography Tool for Camera Control Review – [DSLR and CCD]

Pause optional SelectaPausevalue inseconds ,whichwillbeusedtopausethecamerabetweeneachexposure. All of the applications I have used for controlling my camera have had one thing in common; they make life easier.

Windows Visit Software Site Works with: IfyourPurchaseLicenseKeyConfirmationEmailisnotinyourSpamfolderandithasbeenover24 hourssinceyouplacedyourorderpleasecommunicatewithusimmediatelyat support otelescope. Already have an account? I spend a lot of time outside next to my gear, not in a warm room or in the house.

This is more than I can say about my first run with Sequence Generator Pro! If you have any experience using APT and have something to add, please let me know on Facebook. I have recently installed Astro Photography Tool on my dedicated astrophotography laptop. The camera should be set to manual.

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