Stamford offers a wide selection of AVR’s (Automatic Voltage Regulator) which Only genuine STAMFORD AVRs may be used with STAMFORD alternators. Hiroyuki Ukai at Nagoya Institute of Technology. Hiroyuki A digital-based excitation system for generator voltage control . 3, pp To make the entire system operation flexible it is essential that the control devices be DIGITAL AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR FOR USE ON ENGINE GENERATOR. Article. Jul Masayoshi Asama · Hiroyuki Ukai · Mototaka Sone · Koichi Nakamura · View Digital Controller for a Turbine and Alternator.

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Did you face corruption in Andhrapradesh? Send Ur Topic to bathukubandi yahoo. An enhanced parking lot service model using wireless sensor network 3.

List of Seminar Topics –

A wireless escape system for industrial accidents using Ad Hoc positioning 5. Single access point location tracking for in-home health monitoring A Remote-Control Engineering Laboratory industrial electronics Ultra Low power Wireless Weather Station Remote laboratory for control engineering degree instrumentation Remote Control using Mobile through Spoken Commands Secure Biometric Recognition method in Home Network PH Neutralization through Internet Remote Login Downloader Embedded Highway patrol Informer E-Security System with Video Capture option Bluetooth Home Automation System Intelligent user interface for Human-Robot Interaction Usability analysis of a PDA-based user interface for mobile robot A novel robot system for surface inspection and diameter measurement of large size Real-time Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot The design and implementation of an autonomous campus patrol robot PC interface stationery robot 3-axis.


Pick and place robot 5-axis. Pick alternatoe place robot 5-axis with metal detector. PC interface stationery robot crane model Robotic car with card less video cam using IR controller. Bomb detecting and automatoc robot with Wireless camera. Live search robot based on Google road map using java.

: Main Project Ideas For Electrical Engineering Students

Voice active robots based HM speech recognition IC. Autonomous robot builds with wireless camera. Obstacle robots with multi sensors. PIR based human alive detected robot.

Fire controller robot using water sprayer. Gas detection robot for atomic power station. Designing of Robot Eyes. PC interface stationery robot 3-Axis. Mini Robot Pick and Place Using 2 stepper motor. Passive infrared based human alive detected Robot. Ultrasonic based accidents avoid Robot. Voice activated Robot using RF Remote.

The Design of Vehicle emergent calling system based on gprs Development of pedestrian-to-vehicle communication system prototype for pedestrian safety using both wide-area and direct regulatino RFID based Location management Hospital automation RFID-based Enabling RFID in retail Helping to collect traffic information using RFID tag implemented on urban-bus for traffic information ZigBee-based alarm system for pervasive healthcare in rural areas A zigbee network-based multi-channel heart rate monitoring system for exercising rehabilitation patients Remote robot control system based on DTMF of mobile phone Digital temperature and humidity monitoring unit for remote applications Open home automation system Time attendance system with multistation and wireless communications ZigBee-based IR remote control repeater and its control message frame format Time sharing system for in-home electric appliances using Simple Network Time Protocol Design a wireless sensor network for methane monitoring system Towards a Home Application Server Wireless smoke detection system Computer and Communication Engineering An Infant Monitoring system using Co2 sensors Temperature Control using SMS Wireless temperature data logger Distributed supervisor system of Heat supply Network based on gsm platform An Internet based wireless home automation system for multifunctional devices Design of integrated meter reading system based on power-line altrnator A survey of communication network paradigms for substation automation Automatic repeat protocol for distribution automation system through power line communication Street lighting control based on Lon Works power line communication Get on Digital Bus to Substation Automation A gain scheduling strategy for the control and estimation of a remote robot via Internet 3.


Smart companion [contextual ukau services] 4. Open architecture for contactless smartcard-based portable electronic payment systems 5.

STUDENT LIKES: Electrical Engineering Seminar Topics

A mobile web grid based physiological signal monitoring system 7. Bluetooth Remote Control Application of Bluetooth technology in ambulatory wireless medical monitoring Coupling between Qutomatic modules inside a passenger car Remote-controlled home automation system via Bluetooth home network Home appliance control system over Bluetooth with a cellular phone Usage of Bluetooth TM in wireless sensors for tele-healthcare Remote system for patient monitoring using Bluetooth Using Bluetooth transceivers in mobile robot Ukao enabled mobile robot Cryptography n network security.

Distribution medium access for next generation. Human Oriented interaction wid robot. Realtime 3d Human Capture System. RealTime data Ware housing. Data mining and Data warehousing: Wireless and Mobile Technology: Integration of IT in machine tools. Electro Magnetic Bom b.


Magneto Hydro dynamic power generation Technology. Biomass Fuelled Power Plant. Compensation of harmonic currents utilizing AHC.

Modelling of Transformers with Internal Incipient Faults. Fuel Cells on Aerospace.