In October 23rd at MilanoCity Fairgrounds, during the tenth “Assintel Report ” presentation, 3 excellences of Italian ICT has been awarded. document and in our past and future filings and reports. refers to change in Italian IT Market spending yoy (Assintel expectations). Assintel estimates on market performance +%. The Group reported higher revenues and margins as compared with.

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Through half-yearly analyses and reporting on a number of indicators progress is being tracked.

She sees many of the technical sectors as broad-reaching impact, with important economic, social and even environmental ramifications and this can be a great attraction to many large companies. Of the total of Company initiatives As for companies, the SIF Study concluded that specific support measures assinte initiatives to promote women in management positions are very rare. The program consists of the identification and monitoring of career progress of high potential women to make sure they become part of the leadership talent pool.

Skip to main content. Diageo is a global company in beverage alcohol, with 28, employees.

We looked at which specific actions these companies publicly reported to have taken to reach this goal. In addition to government initiatives we analysed three companies that had been successful in having women on their board The participating companies come from different industries but have similar business models. The main obstacles identified were: She highlights her exposure as priceless. Valore D is the first Italian association40 of large companies to support the development of women’s leadership.

The Governing Council of URV approved last December the adhesion of the University with this network of cooperation for gender equality.


In addition it provides specific guidelines for HR processes and practices that prevent gender bias and aim at creating a level playing field for all employees Her first experience on the board was with the British Youth Council where she admits it helped her cut her teeth in advocacy and political engagement. Graduate students have parallel programs. Research will be conducted in in cooperation with SDA Bocconi to identify suitable indicators for greater inclusion of women in the workplace.

Specific programs for women in management in the Latvian subsidiary could not be found on the website. In October the first monitoring awsintel of the review actually shown that little progress have been made: However there are many interventions that can be seen as good practice and could be further improved.

Best practices

Companies, women and governments have a role to play. This has led to men and women having access to different information because of where they are placed in terms of information about market opportunities, information about technology, and information about all kinds of things that could help in the growth of their business. Since the results were not satisfying in terms of gender equality at decision making level, aesintel company introduced rwport policies oriented toward conciliating family and working life, especially for those women going back to work after maternity leave.

They have also created the Diversity in Engineering Concordat assintfl signed by around 30 Professional Engineering Institutions aiming to get the profession taking action to improve diversity. The benefits of this program are many, not only for the individual women mentees, but also for the companies involved.


aKite – aKite wins Assintel Award

Gender Diversity a Corporate Performance Driver report: Eni is one of the largest public companies and is part of the oil and gas industry. In addition, the company is implementing projects to develop the region and oriented to the local community of the Oltenia region. A university can apply for a Bronze Award by creating a plan for changes that support women scientists, a Silver Award for implementing these plans, and a Gold Award for producing evidence that the changes are having an impact.

It uses indicators to analyze the gender balance among employees and among senior managers. Suning as a smart retailer, aspires to lead local consumers, especially younger generations, in pursuit of tasteful and personalized lifestyle gathered from the world. It is not the first time that they work together.

Best practices | Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen

It is this program that has kept Ruth on track to complete her Ph. Therefore, it is like a domino effect: Assintel is focused on female talent activation and promotion of equality in the economy, in enterprises and the workplace in assinte, sectors. It focused on various aspects, such as what types of roles or jobs are best suited for men and women, which attitudes do people have towards women in leader roles, how could diversity be managed in organizations and good practices and valuable lessons from abroad.

This company has set two goals:

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