CED Gabay. II. CONCEPTS IN ASSESSING STUDENT LEARNING. 1. Role of Measurement and Assessment in teaching De Guzman Santos Rosita, et. ADVANCED METHODS IN EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING 2. Rosita De Guzman-Santos, Ph.D. These approaches are classified below (source: Rosita de Guzman-Santos, ): . 1. Clarity of Learning Targets Assessment can be made precise, accurate.

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Its highly controlled and stylized methodology may not be sufficiently responsive to the dynamically changing needs of most human service programs, and thus posed its potential problem. Information obtained through politically controlled studies is released or withheld to meet the special interest of the holder.

The American Evaluation Association created a set of Guiding Principles for evaluators which can equally apply in the Philippine context: Subjectivist, elite, true evaluation.

Evaluation is methodologically diverse using both qualitative and quantitative methods, including case studies, survey research, statistical analysis and model building among other. The role of the teacher also changes. They draw on the insights, experience and expertise of qualified individuals who use established guidelines to determine if the applicant should be approved to perform specified functions.

How many teachers are there? They can be used to evaluate reasoning, products, and skills that can be observed and judged using specific criteria. First, it defines for the student and the teacher what the expectations of the task are. While effective at measuring content knowledge, standardized tests do not measure students’ skills or ability to perform higher level thinking.


Do the objectives derive from aims? Coverage of sufficient material iii. These studies help people understand the activities and values involved from a variety of guzman-saantos. Appropriateness of Fosita Methods a. Context What is the relation of the course to other courses?

Possible harm to the participants. Is the time adequate? That aesessment has evolved into what is today termed “authentic assessment,” which encompasses a range of approaches including portfolio assessment, journals and logs, products, videotapes of performances, and projects.

Second, well-defined criteria allow the teacher and student to evaluate the task as objectively as possible. Is the course content clearly defined? These are designed to provide knowledge based for making and defending decisions.

Portfolio Assessment doc | Lizlie Laosinguan –

Objectivist, mass, true evaluation. Inputs What is the entering ability of students?

Evaluators ensure the honesty and integrity of the entire evaluation process. Introduce authentic assessments in one area for example, on homework assignments and progress in small ot as students adapt.

How many students are there? The CIPP systematizes the way to evaluate the different dimensions and aspects of curriculum development and the sum total of student experiences in the educative process.

These provide general guidance and direction on broad issues by identifying and assessing potential costs and benefits of competing policies. What KAS related to the subject, do the teachers have? Skills, Competencies and Abilities Targets – Skills — specific activities or tasks that a student can proficiently do – Competencies — cluster of skills – Abilities — made up of relate competencies categorized as: What books do the guzmna-santos have?


Subjectivist, mass, true evaluation. Rosita de Guzman-Santos, Students assume an active role in the assessment process.

The learning targets, involving knowledge, reasoning, skills, products and effects, need to be stated in behavioral terms which denote something which can be observed through the behavior of the students. Process What is the workload of students? Public relations studies or information is used to paint a positive image of an object regardless of the actual situation.

educational assessment

These studies help people understand the activities and values involved from a variety of perspoectves. Copy of an abstract relating to a research conducted on authentic assessment either in basic or higher education.

Friday, May 22, Evaluation Method: Observation and Self Reports – Useful supplementary methods when used in conjunction with oral questioning and performance tests 3.

Tasks that have more than one acceptable solution often lend themselves well to a performance learing assessment, since they may call for the student to use higher-order thinking skills such as experimenting, analyzing or reasoning.

What is the students’ existing knowledge?

Student performance can be documented in four ways: Should courses be integrated or separate? What time is available compared with the workload for preparation?