Osama bin Laden is pictured on the cover of the Amalgam Virgo exercise. [ Source: NORAD]The US military conducts Amalgam Virgo 01, a multi-agency live -fly. New details of a NORAD exercise called Amalgam Virgo have been found in a document at the National Archives. The exercise involved. The exercise Amalgam Virgo may have been a significant factor in the . http://

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SEADS launches fighters to intercept and identify the incoming Cessna, and to attempt to turn it away from the Florida coastline.

Friends of History Commons on Facebook — join up! Pingback by Amalgam Virgo: Almost everything in War Games is spoken of in “code” anyway and the computer world can orient anything it wants into any plane that it wants.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. American health care is a amalfam. Document Request 18, which apparently was submitted in conjunction with the subpoena, asks for among other things:.

It’s also clear the people who designed and managed this exercise were doing big picture thinking. Counter-Intelligence amxlgam The Interview. The funny thing that I find about many Truthers sometimes is that we are exposing ruthless KILLERS who care not one single thing about the lives of human beings outside their own ruling class circles, yet, Truthers often forget this ruthlessness when thinking of how clever and determined that the HI PERPS actually might be.


Last year’s exercise, he said, was a scenario involving a cruise missile launched by “a rogue government or somebody” from a barge off the East Coast. Osama bin Laden is pictured on the cover of the proposal for the exercise. Key military players involved in the exercise also included personnel from the 1st Air Force battalion, the U.

I ask anyone reading this thread This aircraft was not hijacked and the hijacking protocols were not being tested here From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Amalgam Virgo 01 | The Global Reality

Really you writing very well. Xmalgam a personal example: They also have a role in consequence management on the ground “as we saw duringunfortunately,” Snyder noted.

This sounds like a HUGE responsibility Some information about the exercise was revealed at the History Commons Groups blog in Junewhen we publicised a commission document summarising a group of military exercises designed to help the military deal with suicide hijackings. The exercise Amalgam Virgo may have been a significant factor in the success of the attacks.

And nothing was done to harden security, nothing was done to disrupt the plot before it took place, or while it was in progress.

Profile: Amalgam Virgo

US and Canadian fighters are to respond, and either force the planes to land or simulate shooting them down. Amagam, Montrose is to remain on course, without turning.

Regardless of all the reality exposed above Command pilots are trained to fly intercepts Quite frankly, regarding the Pentagon’s Scrambles — launches — take just minutes, he noted.

Views Read Edit View history. I was not present at the time.


Developing and maintaining this site is very labor intensive. Presumably, only the higher-ranking officers managing the exercises know exactly what will take place, and the lower level personnel are tasked with figuring out what’s going on and the best way to respond. Don’t misinterperet me here Along the same line of thinking Back to this century The first even states that Montrose has taken out an insurance policy with Lloyds of London to amaogam the cost of the plane he intends to crash into SEADS, and has filled the gas tank of his rental car, which is to be returned to the Alamo facility at Tampa International airport.

Further, this explains that the Amalgam Virgo didn’t happen until June ; the preceding version was “a scenario involving a cruise missile”. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Or might instead ‘Able Danger’ amount to something like a tantalizing red herring, dangled in front of truth activists as if to say, ‘here was the smoking gun vurgo you would have found, but too late–we’ve already destroyed all those terabytes of data’?

This includes making a unilateral decision to shoot down a wayward airvehicle that is behaving in such a way as to kill citizens or create damage to properties.