AMx ARM® Cortex™-A8 Microprocessors. (MPUs). Technical Reference Manual. Literature Number: SPRUH73C. October –Revised. AMx ARM® Cortex™-A8 Microprocessors. (MPUs). Technical Reference Manual. Literature Number: SPRUH73J. October –Revised December . Read about ‘TI: Technical Reference Manual for AMx ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessors (MPUs)’ on elementcom. TI: Technical Reference.

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This is a 12 character string which is: It is also used during power-up to make sure the microprocessor and all its modules start their operation from a known state. It can be set as per the application requirements. For technical support please post your questions at http: This avoids duplication of traffic on both ports. There are numerous instances of it’s usage.

OSDx Reset Circuitry

NOTE When a queue overflows, packets are not automatically copied to the next free queue. Similar to enablement, variable set to False.

MCASP1 interface of the processor is connected to the audio interface of the codec. Cold Reset and Warm Reset. It is not intended for use in end products. It asserts a reset signal for a fixed period of time whenever the:.

For switch this is the Rx interrupt for both ports. This article is a part of the broader OSDx Reference Design Lesson 1 series which zm335x of a sequence of articles designed to help you build the bare minimum circuitry required to boot the OSDx.


Views Read View source View history. I2C address of the codec is configured as If you are not familiar with this then please go through the Getting Started Guide mentioned previously. Relevant source files are. They can be used for simple tasks like sending or receiving a packet. So this acts as a place holder for packet data before it received or transmitted. From Texas Instruments Wiki. The time period of this tick function default ms in combination with credits value decides the rate at which Storm Prevention works.

It is important to differentiate between the two different types of implementations in SDK context because this keeps coming up while discussing SDK and it’s components. The NIMU layer is explained in this guide. Collisions are handled using ageing counters, one ageing counter is associated with each of the 4 entries inside a bucket.

This provides reliability for real time traffic.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. This corresponds to a boot sequence of:. Port0 Statistics Map provided above.

OSD335x Reset Circuitry

Otherwise, SD card bootloader will be executed if present. Serial number of the board. The accelerometer is connected via I2C0 of the processor. This can be done by. API reference guide here. TI generally provides two types of resets: Since interrupts on PRU have not been disabled any pending packets will assert the interrupt again, this ensures that no packets are missed. The interrupt configuration is explained in detail in the interrupts section. The LLD expects single interrupt for both Ports.


This configuration time is used to setup the start trigger and end trigger of current cycle in the PRU firmware. The image below shows all modes when receiving on first port. Since all the Industrial protocols and Ethernet MAC share the same basic software architecture a discussion of Ethernet MAC goes a yrm way in understanding the implementation of other protocols. This mapping is programmable and varies from example to example. Other hardware specific data can be stored on am335c memory device as well.

IP address, network mask and other params can be set through the NDK configuration file.

All the LEDs are green in color.

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