Powerful report design tools let you build attractive PDF reports based on XML data and even generate XSL:FO to automate XML to PDF conversion. If the XSLT stylesheet required to transform to FO is not referenced in the XML document, you are prompted to assign one for the transformation. Note that you. Depending on your selection, the XSLT-for-FO will be created with or without the objects, properties, and values that are beyond the compliance level of FOP.

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Use this proxy for all protocols: Do not use the proxy server for local addresses: In this case, deactivate the taxonomy package and contact the creators of the package with the error information.


Maximum width in pixels of markup tags. Otherwise, you will be prompted to save any unsaved changes. Actions to undertake when a file is double-clicked from within a project window. Once a set of external XQuery variables are entered in the dialog, they are used for all subsequent executions until they are explicitly deleted or the application is restarted.

You can remove a package by selecting it and clicking Remove.

This option typically applies to User-Defined Templates in which the template has been created for items that cannot be placed in context in the schema source of the design. Once a set of parameter-values is altovs in the dialog, it is used for all subsequent transformations until it is explicitly deleted or the application is restarted.


The specified lengths are the distances between two points on the respective grid axis.

Any error will only be reported when the FO document is processed by the FO processor. The example discussed below is located in the My Documents folderC: There are three versions of XSLT in use today: A supported scheme may be included in the host name for example: You can enter the name of one or more parameters you wish to pass to the XSLT stylesheet, or one or more external XQuery variables you wish to pass to zslt XQuery document, and their respective values.

It also queries the settings configured with netsh.

XSLT Development Tools

The default selection for this option is Always Ask. Uses of Internet Explorer IE settings configurable via the system proxy settings. In the Default Encoding tab screenshot belowyou can set default encodings for the various algova separately. If you notice any problems with FOP 2.

In the next dialog you will be prompted to select a schema on which the SPS is to be based. Default additional width and height of Layout Boxes.

Select the schema you want. The rules that specify how taxonomy packages are to be structured and built are laid out in the Taxonomy Packages Recommendation of XBRL. Xsot you have to do is enter the path to the processor’s executable in this dialog. For more information, see the caution at the bottom of this topic.


You can also select multiple packages to add at one time. The Network Proxy section enables you to configure custom proxy settings. Company News Partners Careers Legal. Xsl XSLT transformation is concerned, speed is the name of the game. If the Save Without Confirmation setting is checked, then any changes to the project are automatically saved when the project or StyleVision is closed.

XSLT Tools | Altova

Static text and paragraph-level text that contain inline formatting for example a paragraph element that contains a bold or italic element is by default converted into a single MTD label, where the text will have the formatting of the block-level text.

You can however set an option to split this kind of text block-level text with inline formatting into multiple MTD labels, where each label has the formatting that corresponds to the original text fragment. You can use these arguments altkva invoke any FO processor, if the arguments suffice to make a successful call.

If you have selected FOP 0. Values so you can immediately see which parts of your XSLT code are taking the most time to process and adjust them accordingly. The Options xskt opens a dialog xslf which you specify settings for:.

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