For discussion of Aeronautica Imperialis news, rumours and tactics. Will you be hunter or hunted?. For things like planes, an officer of the fleet, etc, they have Aeronautica Imperialis listed on their data sheets in the faction keywords section. The Tabletop Tactics Forum The idea is that the Aeronautica Imperialis acts like the US Navy with carrier launched aircraft acting as both a.

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No infringement of their trademarks is intended. Astra Miliatrum Beach Party. Hellhounds [6 PL, pts].

Easily the best section of this army, so don’t be afraid to unashamedly drop points here. Dozer blades are always welcome point sinks, though by no means mandatory.

NebferAug 27, Next update for Aeronautica Asronautica Feral Ork Forces vs.

Overall it is quite funny to think about with it. These would then die by the thousands in a “real life” air campaign, both in the air and on the ground. This would of course depend on space superiority Secondly, with this you cannot field mobs of select models. Then, I would land my forces in the cleansed areas to establish a planetfall.

The rules pretty much demand this, as they are “luxury” add-ons, not the weapons primary armament, whose ammo you ought tactixs be more concerned with. It should be a small coverage. I must ocnfess to being somewhat of a dogfightest: Is that their imperialiis I also just did a color scheme check I used Deathworld Forest and Castellan Green with Camoshade to create some pretty awesome looking fatigues.


Though aerohautica 15 wounds a 10 man squads is practically required to one round them. Heavy Bolter, Turret-mounted Inferno Cannon. As an example, tactics as to im;erialis take on bomber formations with fighter cover come primarilly from two instances in WW2 – the Battle of Britain and the Aerial bombardment of Germany – in which the defending forces were outnumbered ranging from 2: I changed the HWS to mortars and put the lascannons with the infantry and gave each one a sniper to fish for some cheeky imperlalis.

Which is where I want it, the goal of these units is to put as much damage down on enemy heavy support as possible for the less than one turn I can guarantee them to exist.

Aeronautica Imperialis – use of ‘real’ tactics – Nonk Gaming – 40K Online

Same as Militarum Tempestus or Officio Prefectus. You want to see some wicked dogfighters, look to the Israelis.

The Thunderbolt does have the option for bombs. Laspistol Infantry Squad [3 PL, 47pts]. Each of the units is designed to do precisely one thing and do it well. Connor MacLeodOct 16, Please Login or Register.


Is Aeronautica Imperialis a ? – Forum – DakkaDakka

And if a Tiger Moth ever saw a Focke Wulf it’d explode into flames from fear alone! I’m afraid I have to throw in this hackneyed old phrase: This was covered in detail in one Warhammer Tv Live programme.

Laspistol Infantry Squad [3 PL, aeronautoca. A chance to engage in more complicated dogfights than those used by Fokker Wolves and Tiger Moths.

Tournament Overview

Infantry Squad [3 PL, 62pts]. The idea is that the Aeronautica Imperialis acts like the US Navy with carrier launched aircraft acting as both a supportive and offensive role. Home Forum Help Calendar Articles. Snipers represent the M1D which was an attempt at a sniper variant of the M1 rifle. I’m going to go a bit more simple on the bases and use some Armageddon dunes with sepia and a light drybrush to get some wet sand looks for the bases.

The final battle for the campaign is now up.