NBR NBR Cianeto The NBR prompted the ABNT (Brazilian Association for Technical Standardization) to produce eleven. Buy NBR ELABORACAO E APRESENTACAO DE PROJETO DE REABILITACAO DE AREAS DEGRADADAS PELA MINERACAO from SAI Global. ABNT NBR pdf. Uploaded by. paulolimad Nbr Elaboracao E Apresentacao de Projeto de Reabilit. Uploaded by. paulolimad.

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This highway was restored bant and the pigeon pea, Cajanus cajan Fabaceaewas used to facilitate the succession process. Under such a scenario, C. We analyzed the number of plant species richnessplant diversity Shannon index Niklaus et al. The highest diversity of galling insects: The steady increase in human activity within this region has impacted this ecosystem in recent decades. Each sample was composed of soil from the superficial layer maximum depth: Seed dormancy and germination in Rhexia mariana var.

In spite of M. Barbosa for suggestions and commentaries. Impacts abnf from mining, road construction, pasture establishment, tourism, and periodic fires, have been the main source of soil erosion, species extinction, and alien species invasion Viana et al.

nbr 14063 1998

However, several years after its introduction, casual observations indicated that C. Plenum Press, New York. Indeed, Tilman found a negative correlation between species richness and soil fertilization while Negreiros et al.

The phenomenon was abnr by the paving process, which uses a substance rich in CaCO 3 that would promote an increase in pH along the road side.

The rupestrian fields of the southeastern Brazil are composed of a mosaic of vegetation types, from which we barely know the number of species and some natural history. Prentice Hall, New Jersey. The observations we present here, together with those reported by Negreiros et al. In addition, restoring procedures are generally associated with calcium and phosphate input Embrapa,which can also explain the higher amount of phosphorus in the areas where C.


Light and temperature 1330 on abbt germination of Marcetia taxifolia A. In most cases, exotic species are used with consequences to ecosystem processes and functioning not fully evaluated.

We also would ant to thank the Reserva Natural Vellozia for logistical support; to C. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Seed dormancy and germination of sympatric species of Chamaecrista Leguminosae in a rupestrian field.

Revista Brasileira de Sementes Journal of Tropical Ecology Perhaps, the use of alien sun-plants in forest ecosystems would have reduced impacts in the community, as it is expected that these species became extinct as the native trees grow. Seed and seedling ecology of neotropical Melastomataceae.

Restored and non-restored areas were located at a minimum of m to a maximum of 3. Therefore, the goal of this study is to provide empirical data on the effects of using C. However, most initiatives to restore degraded areas have been using methods that do not follow this definition strictly. The higher amount of Phosphorus in the soil must also be related to the elevated litter formation in the areas where C.

Rupestrian field soils are generally acidic, poor in nutrients, and contain high Aluminum saturation values due to geological and geomorphological conditions Benites et al. Similarity was small and varied from 0 to 0. Centres of plant diversity: I ; Fernandes, G I.

Unexpected effects of pigeon-peas (Cajanus cajan) in the restoration of rupestrian fields

Contact MCC Have questions? Abng data presented here shows that the restoration program using the exotic species C. These results contradict the idea that increasing soil fertility is a key element in restoration programs Negreiros et al. We counted and identified every individual plant found within these plots. MCC sales representatives are available for live chat now Service online.


Elevation at the studied sites averages meters. Although equitability, similarity between plots, and some soil components did not vary between treatments, the restoration project reduced plant diversity and abundance in the areas examined. Casual observations indicate that under larger density, C. Revista Brasileira mbr Biologia In addition, we compared the nrb similarity comparing plots through Jaccard index Ricklefs, within both treatments.

Cajanus cajan density within the restored areas was 4. A economia da natureza. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics Each abng restored and non-restored had four sampling areas, each with three m 2 plots. The goal of this work was to evaluate the effect of light and temperature on seed germination of M.

Botanical description of selected pigeonpea pure lines.

In fact, we found high pH levels in both treatments. To test the influence of C. III ; Ker, F. Ignoring this fact, environmental agencies have broadly allowed the use of exotic species, despite awareness of the impacts of invasive species on local flora and associated fauna. Restoration by planting the legume Cajanus cajan was implemented in some of these areas.

As some data did not present normal distribution and variance homogeneity, we used the Mann-Whitney test to compare diversity, species richness, equitability, plant abundance, and soil traits.